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In this tip, Erika Larkin has a quick fix for anyone who struggles chipping off tight lies. Tweak your grip and club selection slightly to eliminate risk and start shooting lower scores. Watch now!
Erika Larkin has a two-part tip that will help you get squared up with the driver. Add these moves to your pre-shot routine to ensure your setup for success with the big stick. Watch now!
Don't you hate when a silly 3-putt derails your round? In this tip, Erika Larkin has a drill that will help you dial in your speed and start avoiding one of golf's most frustrating mistakes.
Erika Larkin takes you through a day in her life. Hear why she likes to start her day bright and early with a workout and what her go-to weekend breakfast is.
Erika Larkin demonstrates how you can increase clubhead speed while still maintaining control of your swing. Finish your swing like Bryson does and start hitting longer drives.
Erika Larkin brings you back to the basics with the ‘Y’ pitch shot swing. Watch now to reduce risk on pitch shots and ultimately shoot lower scores!
Erika Larkin breaks down her putting process and the importance of matching your line with your intended pace. Visualize your speed and the entry point to start holing more putts immediately. Watch now!
Erika Larkin explains how dropping three aspects of your setup and swing can help you execute flop shots easily. Take it to the course and escape those short-sided situations with a par. Watch now!
Erika Larkin breaks down the fundamentals to shaping shots right-to-left and left-to-right. Watch now to control your golf ball better and shoot lower scores!
Do poorly hit pitch shots wreak havoc on your short game? If so, Erika Larkin has the cure. Use a longer, more fluid tempo and start pitching it closer immediately.
Erika Larkin discusses how great posture and footwork will help you find the center of the clubface with your driver consistently. To start smashing longer drives, watch now!
Have you ever been told that you have an ‘all arms’ swing? If so, Erika Larkin has a drill that will help you activate the rest of your body leading to a looser, more powerful swing. Watch now!
Erika Larkin wants you to replace your putting stroke with a putting swing. She demonstrates a great drill that will free up your putting motion and help you become a more consistent putter.
Erika Larkin shares a putting technique inspired by the ones pilots use to land airplanes. Try this tip and start navigating your ball into the hole more frequently!
Erika Larkin takes you through a 4-drill practice routine that will help reset your swing if you’ve been struggling. Try this at the range to improve your ball-striking with your irons. Watch now!
Erika Larkin explains why you should not be afraid to have a fast backswing. Use that momentum created in the backswing to hit longer drives!
Erika Larkin uses an alignment stick to help you visualize and feel the correct swing path with your driver. Try this drill out and start hitting longer drives with an ascending strike.
Do you overcomplicate things in the bunker? If so, Erika Larkin explains why you don’t always have to swing fast to splash it out of the sand. Use the bunker chip to reduce risk and save more shots.
Today, Erika Larkin talks about how proper bunker shot posture will lead to consistent contact. Make one small change and start saving more shots from the sand.
In this tip, Erika Larkin demonstrates how simplifying your approach on uphill bunker shots will help you knock it close effortlessly. Watch this before your next round!
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