The best Apple Watch golf apps for 2021

From GPS and shot tracking to strokes gained data, app makers are stepping up their game for the world's most popular wearable.
What is the best Apple Watch Golf App for 2021? We found a new favorite.

It's been close to two years since I posted my Apple Watch golf app review in 2019. The gist of my initial reaction to the Apple Watch golf experience was that while there was a lot of promise in many of the various apps, I was generally underwhelmed with the jack-of-all-wearables and preferred a golf-focused watch instead.

Since that review, iOS app developers have been hard at work cleaning up code for a faster experience and releasing new features. User experiences have certainly improved. In fact, my new favorite Apple Watch golf app in 2021 didn't even exist in 2019.

I've spent this spring revisiting a handful of top Apple Watch golf apps to assess their GPS and scoring experiences, as well as how their data ties into their mobile and desktop app experience. One of the most notable advancements for Apple Watch golf is shot tracking and strokes gained analytics. Once the bastion of club tag brands like Arccos or Shot Scope, you can now gain valuable strokes gained and advanced scoring insights using only a third-party Apple Watch app tethered to your iPhone. No tags required.

For these tests I'm still using the Series 4 Apple Watch (44mm). Apple has advanced two generations up to the Series 6 (from $399) and more affordable SE version (from $279). One of my greatest complaints about the device itself - the constant battery drain - appears to still be an issue. Apple says the Series 6 can run 18 hours during normal use. I found during several of my rounds my Series 4 didn't last all 18 holes. Some apps seemed to drain the battery more than others. Other times, I ran into software update issues: I couldn't use the watch app if I didn't update my watch, which also required updating my phone, which also required plugging into power, and being on WiFi. Not good for a guy who typically rolls into the course parking lot as his group is being announced to the tee.

All Apple Watch golf rounds must be started on your phone, and from there you open up the app on your watch, which pairs with the phone. These apps also generally have pretty flyover displays on the phone and some added features like club recommendations. Because I prefer to not use my phone during a round unless I'm clueless about the golf hole and need a flyover map, I've focused mainly on the watch-only experience, followed by what the tracking provides in the app after the round.

Here are my picks for the best Apple Watch golf app to use in 2021:

Brandon Tucker's favorite Apple Watch golf apps by feature:

Simplest in-round scoring: SwingU
Best for Auto-shot tracking: V1 Game
Best value for premium version: The Grint
Best watch + iPhone experience: GolfShot
Best for strokes gained data: V1 Game, Arccos
Best traditional stats: The Grint
Best free Apple Watch app: SwingU
Best for auto-distance measuring: V1 Game, GolfShot
Features official handicap: The Grint, GolfShot

The best Apple Watch golf app for 2021: V1 Game

V1 Game has a simple Apple Watch display but it has auto shot detection, real-time shot measuring and a robust app dashboard with strokes gained data.

Since launching in 2020, V1 Game has vaulted up the ranks of established app makers to become the best app for serious golfers using Apple Watch. Its shot tracking is the clear-cut winner among the apps that don't require club tags, while the app dashboard provides illuminating strokes gained and traditional analysis using your scoring and shot data. The watch has a clear and simple display with GPS showing front-middle-back yardages to the green. But here's where it particularly stands out:

Auto-shot detection and A.I. breadcrumbs. When you hit a shot during a round, the watch detects it, vibrates and prompts you to select the club you hit. Voila. But the secret sauce is what happens when it misses a shot. Every shot tracker I've ever used - club tags and wearables alike - misses shots. But V1 Game does the best job at predicting where those shots likely happened. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and breadcrumbs tracing your steps with a little blue line. So when reviewing your round afterwards, it's that much easier to identify the location of a shot it missed and tag that spot with a shot. Golf is, after all, a game of misses.

V1 Game uses a combination of shot detection and breadcrumbs to identify shot locations.

Unlike Arccos and Shot Scope, which rely on the user to set the pin location to determine proximity of approach shots to the hole and putting stats, V1 Game instead prompts the golfer to input their first putt length and how many putts were needed. (Because you aren't tagging the specific location of your approach shot on the green, it means your irons yardage data won't be as accurate).

The V1 Game watch app has real-time shot measuring from your last recorded location. This is a favorite feature of mine for any wearable because if you hit the ball offline, knowing exactly how far you've walked off the tee gives you a good idea of when to start looking seriously for your stray. It also helps give you a better idea of how the wind affected your previous shot.

But shot tracking doesn't really matter if the statistics dashboard isn't insightful, and V1 delivers here in a way that rivals Arccos. It slices and dices your rounds and shot data in a multitude of ways. V1 Coach tells me which facets of my game are losing the most shots and where I should spend my practice time. Right now, it looks like I'm losing strokes because I'm not jarring enough 6-10 footers.

V1 Coach is telling me what putting distances are causing me to lose ground on the field.

V1 Game has two pricing tiers. The "Birdie" tier is $59.99/year and provides Apple Watch functions, shot tracking and strokes gained analytics. The "Eagle" tier ($119.99/yr) offers "Virtual Coach" and "Virtual Caddie" that provide both in-round assistance based on your swing history and post-round analysis. This is the most expensive Apple Watch golf app per year but it delivers the goods. Download V1 Game here.

Best value Apple Watch app for scoring and stats: The Grint

View of the Arccos app on the Apple Watch 7, which provides real and "plays-like" distances, and also can shot track and set pin location.

I touted The Grint's app in my 2019 Apple Watch column, and I'm pleased to report they have rebuilt the Apple Watch app from the ground up and it's now faster and smoother than two years ago. As long as you don't crave strokes gained or intuitive shot tracking, The Grint is an excellent option for an Apple Watch scoring and GPS. One of the shortcomings of shot-tracking-first apps is your score almost always requires review and edit because they miss putts or chips or penalty strokes. Scoring using the Grint app is clear and fast. Its hole-by-hole scoring feature allows you to easily enter putts, driving accuracy and tag any hazards (drops, bunkers, O.B., etc.). I like The Grint so much that even though it's not my go-to in-round app, I still enter my scores and detailed stats after the round for an official handicap index and additional game insights.

The Grint has always straddled a line between serious performance and playful, social features. In this most recent update, they added a sudsy beer icon to the top right of their watch display so you can, if you choose, enter how many drinks you had during your round.

Is there a free version of The Grint for Apple Watch? You can use The Grint's phone app for free, but you have to upgrade to The Grint Pro for watch integration. TheGrint Pro is just $39.99 per year, making it a great value compared to others typically costing $49.99 and up.

Another Strokes Gained watch app: SwingU

SwingU's watch app lets you track each shot manually without using your phone.

For those who want Strokes Gained stats without club tags, SwingU is a worthy runner-up to V1 Game and less expensive, too. Their "SwingU Versus" features a strokes gained stat for Driving, Approach Shots, Chipping & Pitching, Bunker Play and Putting. 

The watch app has a shot tracker but it must be tapped each time to start and end the shot. In addition to GPS, if you scroll down on the face you'll receive a "plays like" distance, recommended club and wind speed. My favorite in-round feature of SwingU is that it's the only app I've used that will reliably toggle the watch face to the scorecard when it detects you've reached the green. It might sound insignificant but every additional tap that is eliminated when using Apple Watch does wonders for my user experience.

SwingU has its roots in instruction so game improvement is a big deal with the membership. It uses AI to analyze your game data and send you drills and tips based on what the data suggests you're struggling with. The premium membership features a large instruction library of over 600 videos from top instructors.

Can you use the SwingU app for free on Apple Watch? Yes! The free app version of SwingU features phone and watch GPS, handicap and scorecard but the advanced analytics of SwingU versus, shot tracking, "plays like" distance and the video library requires the Premium version for $99.99 annually.

GolfShot: New auto shot tracking watch app

The new GolfShot app has an overhead display on the right and shot tracking and measuring at the bottom.

Another new entrant into auto shot tracking in 2021 is the GolfShot app. Toggle auto shot tracking to 'on' in the phone and the watch will detect swings. It's up to you to swipe left and use the crown to select the proper club. At the bottom left of the display, the watch shows distance traveled from the last shot and the club used. For game tracking, GolfShot provides shot history and statistics based on location but comes nowhere close to V1 Game's coaching, putt-length data and strokes gained features.

The GolfShot watch app is solid but the phone app is visually stunning. They've created cool, animated flyovers of holes and you can also try out their Golfscape Augmented Reality feature that provides a cool way of checking out distances to hazards. It's particularly helpful on holes with blind hazards. For golfers who want to use their iPhone and watch during their round and play a lot of unfamiliar courses, GolfShot is a very compelling option.

Is Golf Shot free on Apple Watch? No, you have to upgrade to Pro for $49.99 per year.

View of GolfShot augmented reality feature on iPhone. The green circle designates the green location.

Arccos adds Apple Watch shot tracking function

Arccos has a real and "plays like" distance on the watch screen as well as recommended club.

Arccos is a leader when it comes to shot tracking and strokes gained analysis for amateur golfers. Last year, they added Caddie Link, a belt clip that will track shots and set pin locations instead of having to keep your phone in your lead pocket. This year, they've added shot detection to their Apple Watch app. Arccos also features a Virtual Caddie that is visible from the watch or phone that offers club advice using AI and real-time weather and elevation. It also has real-time shot measuring.

Setting the correct pin locations and putting distances is one of the most time-intensive and cumbersome things about using Arccos, but it's critical for precise data. At this time, you cannot set the pin location from your watch. Until that feature is installed, the watch app loses a little of its luster and you'll still need your iPhone handy or Caddie Link. I also found in testing that the watch missed more shots than Caddie Link or my iPhone and the watch battery seemed to drain quicker than other apps.

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A launch monitor using Apple Watch: Flightscope Mevo and Mevo+

Using the Mevo or Mevo+, you can view shot details and toggle clubs using the Apple Watch.

We just tested many of the best portable launch monitors for 2021, and we were pleased to see both of Flightscope's models, the Mevo and Mevo+, have solid Apple Watch integration. This is particularly helpful because some other model of launch monitors require you to change the club from the device itself or from the mobile app. Being able to toggle the club from your wrist is very efficient. You can also select which metrics you want to view on the watch. The new Full Swing KIT, a $3,999 unit, also has Apple Watch integration. | View our 2021 Portable Launch Monitor roundup

Hole 19: Solid features with basic GPS for the free version

The vast majority of Apple Watch golf apps require some sort of paid subscription. Hole 19 is a solid Apple Watch app with a premium version featuring scoring and advanced stats or a free version that provides GPS only off the watch. Premium includes the shot and distance tracker, club recommendations and more advanced analytics. $49.99 per year.

Are you an Apple Watch user? Tell me about your favorite golf app and why in the comments below!

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Brandon Tucker is the Sr. Managing Editor for GolfPass and was the founding editor of Golf Advisor in 2014, he was the managing editor for Golf Channel Digital's Courses & Travel. To date, his golf travels have taken him to over two dozen countries and nearly 600 golf courses worldwide. While he's played some of the most prestigious courses in the world, Tucker's favorite way to play the game is on a great muni in under three hours. Follow Brandon on Twitter at @BrandonTucker and on Instagram at @btuck34.
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Thanks for the informative article. Something I’d like to see would be a feature by feature rating for each watch, not just best.

Also, I have been using GolfShot for quite a while and have been very satisfied with the performance and experience. Until now. The auto shot tracking feature only works if you wear the watch on your lead hand (left for righties). Since I am a natural righty, but swing lefty, I need to move the watch to my right hand to get the shot tracking feature. For me, that’s a significant issue. Although I can relocate the watch for my round (and reconfigure in settings), its still an uncomfortable way for me to wear the watch while I play. I was hoping your article would clarify whether other apps have the same limitation.

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Which of these allow you to view hazard yardages on the watch app?
I'm not a fan of getting my phone out mid-round so would be nice to have a view on which works best exclusively when used exclusively on your watch

Commented on

I would really like to know this as well. I've been using TrackMyGolf app which is fine but doesn't show hazards on the watch. I decided to start looking again for another app since it's been a couple of years and I'm back on the merry-go-round of installing apps only to discover the hazard distances are only on the phone. This seems like such an obvious thing to point out when reviewing these apps.

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How's does 18Birdies not make this list?

Commented on

Just not into their watch UX at all

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