Tom Fazio built Pinehurst No. 8 in 1996 and rebuilt No. 4 in 2000. He also built No. 6 with his uncle, George Fazio.
  • General FAQ

    How many courses are on GolfAdvisor.com?

    Golfers can review tens of thousands of courses on Golf Advisor currently, and our goal is for golfers to eventually be able to review nearly every course in the world on Golf Advisor.

    Who can write a review on Golf Advisor?

    Golf Advisor values the opinions of every golfer, no matter what your age or skill level. Our community of golfers benefits from the feedback you provide, which helps others make sure they enjoy every round. It’s like getting advice from 100,000 of your closest golf buddies.

    Can I get advice on all things golf on GolfAdvisor.com?

    We currently only offer user-generated ratings and reviews on golf courses, but who knows what the future holds!

    I submitted a review, but I don’t see it on the website – why?

    All reviews are subject to moderation once submitted to ensure they meet our review content guidelines. It can take up to 72 hours for an approved review to be published on Golf Advisor.com. If after that time period your review still has not posted, feel free to fill out this form and we will investigate further.

    How do I edit my review?

    Once a review has submitted there is no way to modify it. Please be sure to carefully review all content before you submit your review.

    How do I create a Golf Advisor user account?

    Creating Golf Advisor account is easy! Just visit GolfAdvisor.com, click on “Sign Up” button located in the top right corner of the site. Fill out the form, click on “Create an Account” and then you can get started writing reviews!

    How can I connect with Golf Advisor?

    To join the Golf Advisor community, simply register and begin submitting reviews directly on our website.

    You can also connect with us via social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

    How are course ratings determined?

    Our experts use the "Golf Advisor Rating Index," which is a formula that gives newer reviews more weight than older reviews. The Golf Advisor Rating Index ensures that the rating you see on each course's page provides you with the best, clearest picture of the golf course's conditions and service.

    As a course works to improve their conditions and provide golfers with an even better experience, their hard work will be reflected in the ratings. So check back often as you search for new places to play!

    How do you determine course rankings within the Top Rated courses lists?

    Using all the reviews submitted by golfers like you, we use a proprietary algorithm to determine rankings and lists. In order for a course to be considered for any lists, they must have at least 10 reviews. We feature all approved course reviews on site – the good and the bad – and no paid results influence these ratings.

    How can I contact Customer Service?

    Our friendly and helpful customer service team is ready to assist you! Please fill out our Contact Us form here and a member of our staff will respond as soon as possible.

    I'm a Golf Course Interested in Growing My Reviews - Where do I Start?

    Golf Advisor isn't just for golfers. Golf course operators can also take advantage of the power of ratings and reviews to help grow their business. Visit our Golf Advisor Business page to find out more.

    What is Golf Advisor's Policy on Removing Ratings & Reviews?

    Unless we find the review to be false or fabricated, Golf Advisor typically does not remove reviews from its website. However, Golf Advisor reserves the right not to post or to remove any review or course management response at any time for any reason at our sole discretion, including, without limitation, any review that violates our review guidelines or our terms of use (i.e., includes obscenities, is fraudulent or is in violation of any law or copyright, etc.).

    GolfAdvisor Getaways FAQ

    What are Golf Advisor Getaways?

    Golf Advisor Getaways are premium golf travel experiences at the world’s best golf resorts and destinations, hosted by Golf Advisor and our expert staff.

    Who can attend Golf Advisor Getaways?

    Golf Advisor Getaways are open to all golfers and non-golfers, 18 years of age or older.

    Are Golf Advisor Getaways all-inclusive, including airfare?

    Airfare is generally not included, but every trip is different. Each guest will receive a premium package; see your specific Getaway itinerary at GolfAdvisor.com/Getaways to see what’s included.

    Where can I learn more about upcoming Golf Advisor Getaways?

    For the latest news about upcoming Golf Advisor Getaways, visit GolfAdvisor.com/Getaways

    What makes Golf Advisor Getaways unique?

    Our expert Golf Advisor staff setup the ultimate itinerary for our guests, ensuring you experience the best amenities a resort and community have to offer including world-class golf.

    How do you pay for a Golf Advisor Getaway?

    Golf Advisor accepts all major credit cards; payment is made in full at the time of booking.

    Does Golf Advisor Getaways offer Refunds?

    Yes, a cancellation fee will apply to any withdraw prior to the established deadline for each getaway. Withdraws after the established deadline for each getaway will not be refunded for any reason. All refunds can be made by calling, 800-207-6219.

    Is there a golf tournament associated with Golf Advisor Getaways?

    Handicaps will be requested in advance of a Golf Advisor Getaway and a friendly tournament will be contested.

    Do you offer rental clubs for Golf Advisor Getaways?

    Our resort partners would be happy to help assist with Rental Clubs, please make this request in a minimum of one week in advance of our trip.

    Can I sign a group up to attend Golf Advisor Getaways?

    Yes, pricing remains the same but groups are allowed and encouraged to attend Golf Advisor Getaways.

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