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Golf Advisor: What's the best golf course at Streamsong Resort?

Which golf course of the three at Streamsong is the best? See what our experts and users have to say.
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Played all three courses twice last week.

1. Red - Except for two ho-hum holes in the middle, it has by far the most interesting terrain which in turn provides the most interesting golf holes. Lots of links landscapes.

2. Blue - This course is nestled inside the Red so it shares much of the same type ground but in the end is more parkland.

3. Black - The course is not pleasing to the eye. It looks ragged and sharp. It does of some outstanding routing, but some of the holes are contrived. The thinking seemed to be when in doubt, more bunkers. To that end, it is overly bunkered.

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Returned from a trip at Streamsong with my Son, played all 3 courses, I rate them as follows: Black (By a big margin), Red and Blue.
My son rated them Black, Blue and Red.
The Black course was in the best condition by far!
Had a great time


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