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Matt Ginella and Brad Klein talk golf course architecture

Golf course architecture is a subject that seems to grow in prominence every year. Every place the game is played is the product of specific decisions that someone (or a group of people) made about how to arrange tees, fairways, greens and various hazards, all in the name of making the game fun and challenging to play. Some of the big names in golf course design tend to soak up a lot of headlines, but the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA), the main trade organization for the profession, has nearly 200 members. These professionals, craftspeople and artists can make the complicated task of creating a golf course look easy. “They know all the boring stuff that makes a golf course work,” says Golf Advisor Senior Writer Brad Klein in this conversation with Golf Advisor Editor-at-Large Matt Ginella. The pair also discuss various trends on golf course architecture and agronomy as we look forward to another exciting year for the game.