Trip Manager by GOLF Advisor
Trip Manager by GOLF Advisor makes great golf trips even better
GOLFPASS members enjoy access to Golf Genius for organizing and managing golf trips, making every trip more fun for the entire group.

Save Time and Hassle

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, tedious organizing of pairings and formats, time-consuming calculation of results and payouts, and clumsy tracking of tee times, hotel, dinner and travel details.

Great trips are in the details

Create a dedicated website for your golf trip including travel logistics, player information, tee sheets, and more. Upload photos from the golf course to create a digital memory book.

Optimized pairings

Save time with automatic pairings while avoiding repeats and ensuring that everyone plays with everyone else.

Trip tournaments and games

Set up your trip tournaments by selecting from a large library of single day or trip-long competitions, from Ryder Cups to team best ball, Skins, Nassaus, and many more.

Trip expense tracking

Calculate a quick “who owes how much to whom” report and end the hassle of reconciling trip expenses.

Live mobile scoring

Enter hole-by-hole scores and view live leaderboards right from the course. Eliminate manual scoring and save time with instant calculation of final results.