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Welcome to the exclusive GolfPass+ VIP club! Our most loyal golfers - including you - will continue to enjoy unlimited waived fees and tee time protection. No action is needed unless you want to explore our new options.

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Exclusive benefits for GolfPass+ VIP members

With your GolfPass+ VIP membership, you can play more golf all year with these membership benefits available only to you! Use $120 worth of anytime monthly tee time credits, waived fees, tee time protection, extra Rewards points, and exclusive instruction from Tour pros and their coaches.
No Fees
Waived fees on all tee time bookings
Unlimited waived convenience fees on all tee time bookings made through GolfNow each year, good for up to 4 players per booking.
Tee time protection
When plans change, you can modify or cancel up to 10 tee time reservations up to one hour before play without penalty.
$10 anytime monthly tee time credit
Play more golf with your $10 anytime monthly tee time credit - that's $120 a year. Play any time, any day you want, and choose from thousands of GolfNow Hot Deals.
Extra Rewards points
GolfPass+ VIP members earn free golf faster by earning 25% more GolfNow Rewards points on all qualifying rounds they book and play.
Access to expert instruction
Play better golf with video lessons from today's top Tour pros and coaches including Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Chris Como, Sean Foley and more.
Frequently Asked Questions

Did my GolfPass+ annual membership change?

Members who purchased a GolfPass+ annual membership prior to 1/12/2021 have been upgraded to GolfPass+ VIP membership on as of 1/12/2021.

GolfPass+ VIP (formerly GolfPass+) will no longer be sold to new members, making this an exclusive membership with unlimited benefits for anyone who purchased prior to 1/12/2021.

Members who have an active GolfPass+ VIP (formerly GolfPass+) membership are grandfathered into the product and will continue to enjoy their exclusive benefits as long as continuous membership is maintained.

What is the waived convenience fee benefit for GolfPass+ VIP members?

As a GolfPass+ VIP member, convenience fees will be waived on all your bookings on GolfNow.com or GolfNow mobile app. Members must book all tee time reservations while signed into the same account used to purchase the GolfPass membership in order to receive the waived convenience fees benefit at checkout. Other taxes may apply on tee time reservations.

What is the tee time protection benefit for GolfPass+ VIP members, and how do I use it?

The tee time protection benefit allows you to cancel or modify your tee time reservation online at least up to one (1) hour prior to your scheduled tee time, for any reason, without penalty up to ten (10) times per year of your membership. You will receive a GolfNow credit equivalent to the green fees due for the modified or canceled tee time, which will be automatically applied to your GolfNow account and can be found under your Account Payment options. 

You may use your GolfNow credit towards convenience fees and Hot Deals tee times found on GolfNow.com and the GolfNow mobile app. In order to use your GolfNow credit, you must be logged in with your GolfPass account details on GolfNow.com and click “apply” during the checkout process. GolfNow credits expire ninety (90) days from date of issue. Cancellation requests may be submitted online within the “Upcoming Reservations” section of your account. 

How do my $10 anytime monthly tee time credits work, and when will I begin receiving them?

Promo codes may be used each time for a discount on a Hot Deals tee time or can be accrued and redeemed for the total value of a Hot Deals tee time, provided that the value of such promo codes meets or exceeds the assigned price for the tee time reserved. Promo codes expire one (1) year from the date earned, regardless of whether your GolfPass Membership is still active at that time. 

You will receive your first code as soon as you become a paid GolfPass member. After receiving your first $10 tee time credit, you will receive each subsequent tee time credits each month at or around the date you joined. For example, if you joined GolfPass on May 8th, you should expect to receive your Monthly Tee Time Credit on or around the 8th of every month. You can easily see what day your credit is issued by logging into your GolfPass account and clicking on ‘Tee Time Credits’ in the ‘My Account’ drop down menu.

How do my 25% extra GolfNow and Tee Off Rewards points work?

GolfPass members will be automatically awarded 25% more GolfNow and TeeOff Rewards points for booking rounds of golf through GolfNow.com, TeeOff.com or the GolfNow mobile app. Points are awarded for Hot Deals and paid transaction fees. Total Points earned are shown at checkout and are awarded after the round corresponding to a qualifying reservation is played. Rewards points will accumulate toward $10 promo codes, which are redeemable toward the purchase price of any Hot Deals tee time offered by GolfNow or TeeOff. A total of one hundred (100) Rewards points accrued is equivalent to one (1) ten-dollar ($10.00) Hot Deals promo code. 

The 25% extra Rewards points benefit will be applied to your GolfNow account after the play date of the qualifying reservation. For more information about GolfNow Rewards, click here

GolfPass Terms & Conditions

*This membership change does not apply to Golf Channel and NBC employee memberships.