It's Polo Time

5 new must-have polos from William Murray

Polo shirts are a key player in a man’s wardrobe and have been for years. The first polos date back to polo matches in the mid-1800s, and it’s easy to see why they’ve managed to stick around for so long: The versatility of the garment makes it perfect for transitioning from fun to formal, and back again. Speaking of fun, we’ve pulled together five new polos from the fun-loving brand William Murray Golf to help you mix it up this fall. Their contemporary designs, flattering fits, and moisture-wicking jersey knit will make this wardrobe staple feel new again.

Zig Zag

At first glance, this navy polo appears to be emblazoned with a basic zig-zag pattern. Upon closer examination, though, you’ll notice that it’s actually an array of froth-covered pint glasses, frozen mugs, and bottles of ale—making it particularly perfect for the 19th hole. What’s more, the unique collar keeps the tips of your polo crisp, so you can throw it in the wash without worrying about it losing its shape.

Tiki Chic

Meet your go-to college party tee, all grown up. Crafted from a buttery soft matte jersey knit fabric (no shine!), the Clubber Lane design touts all things golf: blueprints of vintage wedges, an array of club faces, and the occasional cut-down. The poppy red and cream colorway evokes serious tiki vibes, while the crisp neckline and color add just the right amount of sophistication.

Classic Lines

The Line Drive Polo features embroidered vintage power lines, which the Murray boys used as distance markers for a makeshift driving range they practiced on when they were younger. This forest green shirt also boasts wrinkle-resistant jersey knit fabric, UPF 50+ protection, and a buttery soft feel both inside and out.

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It's Polo Time