How Does a Video Only Membership Work?

Apple App Store and Xfinity support Video Only Memberships

You can purchase GolfPass Video Only via Apple's App store subscription tool or Comcast's Xfinity X1 cable box platform. Video Only memberships allow access only on the platform for which the membership was purchased. For example, Apple subscribers can access the GolfPass App on their Apple Device. This device must be the one that completed the purchase to start the subscription. Video Only members receive no additional benefits outside of access to GolfPass Exclusive Video Content.

If you purchased a Video Only Membership, you are subject to the subscription rules and policies governed by the subscription service holder. In addition, GolfPass is not responsible for payment, renewals, account management, account access, or cancellation for subscriptions purchased via these channels. Should a Video Only member upgrade their membership to another GolfPass offering, previously paid membership dues cannot be used towards the new membership.

If you purchased a Video Only membership and would like to upgrade you must:

  1. Contact customer service via telephone at 833-465-3847 (subject to call center hours).

Video Only members cannot contact GolfPass Member Care to manage their Video Only membership. To manage this membership, contact Apple or Xfinity directly.

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How Does a Video Only Membership Work?