You can take a walking caddie or forecaddie on the Dye Course at French Lick.

Where would the sport of golf be without the caddie? In the words of Bradley S. Klein, they are the ultimate insider in sports. They can get inside their player's head like no one else, and they know what their player is feeling on the course moreso than any coach or spouse.

Despite the proliferation of technology like the golf cart and yardage devices, caddies nevertheless endure. They are still used at many private clubs around the U.S. and are a fixture of the links golf experience in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are commonplace in Asia but their roles are differently defined as golfers typically also take golf carts.

Organizations like Evans Scholars and the Western Golf Association continue to support the future of the caddie. Such issues as increased labor costs and a limited labor market as well as liability have led to their decline, but resorts like Bandon Dunes and Kohler have kept their job alive. Other resorts have implemented animal caddies like llamas or goats. We've covered the story and role of the caddie all over the world at Golf Advisor, as well as have included some articles on which resorts in the U.S. they are available. We also cover the tricky issue of what they should be paid and what to tip.

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Using animal caddies isn't new in the world of golf, but The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch in Oregon will put its own spin on the concept by offering goat caddies on its seven-hole McVeigh's Gauntlet course in 2018.
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November 19, 2009
Thailand's female caddies are a big reason why the country is such a popular golf destination - one with a higher repeat-visitor rate than anywhere else in the region. Your caddie experience in Thailand will be far different - and far less expensive - than anywhere in the Western world of golf. The round will come with a bushel full of foreign nuances you won't come close to enjoying back home, so enjoy the ride.
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