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Philmont Country Club

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In Huntingdon Valley, the historic background and timeless architecture found at Philmont Country Club has been a staple in the community. Golfers of every skill level have come to enjoy the 18 beautiful holes offered at Philmont Country Club.

Dating back to 1906, Mr. Ellis Gimbel and several of Philadelphia’s captains of commerce and industry came together to form a country club dedicated to golf, baseball, tennis, and the pursuit of happiness through social interaction. They built a fabulous golf course, a dozen tennis courts, a swimming pool and a sprawling clubhouse. Through their efforts, they formed a family of friends that made Philmont Country Club a home away from home.

Outside of the immaculately kept golf course and openly available golf instruction, Philmont Country Club has a variety of activities to offer to members with a wide range of interests. There is delicious dining in the recently renovated 1906 Grille and Pub and a beautiful stone patio available for all members and guests.

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Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Wow. This place has really done a great job of updating the dining spaces within the Clubhouse. I hear a ton of money was put back into the golf course as well. Cannot wait for the season to begin!! I am looking forward to playing.
Lori Metzger Moore
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Super friendly staff. Awesome atmosphere. Terrific golf. Gorgeous pool. Wonderful pub. Did I say the staff was friendly? LOL Cudos to PJ and Mickey (and his golf shop)!
Joy Reed
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Golf course is in the best condition I have ever seen it and staff is always helpful.
Steve Pogrebivsky
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Great place to play, I played in a tournament on 6/22/17 on the South Course and it was awesome. If you needed or wanted something, they brought it to you. Can wait to go back to play the North Course.
Chris Nizzardi
Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
Well kept golf course , constantly making changes for the better
Keith Reilly
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