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Westborough Country Club

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Westborough Country Club takes pride in providing a superior family-friendly environment through unparalleled service, facilities, and staff. Nestled in a quaint suburb of St. Louis, Westborough features an exquisitely designed golf course, some of the finest recreational amenities in the area, and a newly renovated Clubhouse that pays tribute to this clubs past and future.
The $2.5 million renovations, which can be seen in nearly every corner of the Clubhouse, have propelled the club and its vibrant camaraderie to a level never seen in our history. WCC is driven by values and engage in the current mission of “Quality Leisure with Family and Friends.” The strength of Westborough is in its membership, and it prides itself as a place of belonging, a place to come and enjoy with friends and family, and a place to create memories that last a lifetime.

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Saint Louis, Missouri
good food, friendly staff
Brady Patullo
Saint Louis, Missouri
First class special events center. Staff is top notch and very welcoming.
Robin McNabb
Saint Louis, Missouri
The best place to spend our summers! I am already counting down to swim team season.
Emily Black Bremer
Saint Louis, Missouri
If you like the Glendale/Oakland/Kirkwood area, you will love Westborough, since it is a small microcosm of what makes these neighborhoods amazing. Westborough is the club for people who like nice things but don't take nice things (or themselves) too seriously. I have belonged to other clubs where people are very approachable...if you go up to someone, they will be easy to talk to...but at Westborough, if they don't know you, they will actually approach you to strike up a conversation. It is a great club for young (or young at heart) families. Nearly a 1/3 of the membership is under 40 and it really shows during social events and at the pool all summer long. Whether you are looking to make business relationships on the course or in the bar, lose a few pounds at the gym, gain a few pounds from all the amazing food, or just have a great place for your family to spend quality time together, I can't recommend Westborough enough.
Derek Weber
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