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Ratings & Reviews

Golf course operators can also take advantage of the power of ratings and reviews to help grow their business. We are home to over 1.3 million course reviews from around the world. We're here to help you get started.

Why Reviews Matter

Did you know that 70% of Americans read reviews* before making any purchase decision? Today's customers are looking for reviews of a product before they buy. And, customers - especially golfers - love to talk. By providing ratings and reviews about your course on GolfPass, the potential exists to help you drive additional traffic and sales - while also collecting key insights from golfers to help you improve your operations.

Rating Badge

Promote your course's rating and encourage customers to submit reviews by adding a Rating Badge to your website. Go to your course page and click on "Get Widget" at the bottom of the page for further instructions.

All About Reviews

Have questions about ratings and reviews and what they mean to your course? Here are some frequently asked questions and some answers to help get you started.

How do ratings and reviews benefit my course?

  • - Authentic conversations that spark dialogues to drive sales and foster golfer loyalty
  • - Increased golfer engagement and community participation with courses
  • - Allow golfers to share their reviews on social media platforms, driving additional buzz for courses
  • - Help courses understand what golfers want, what they value most and how to better meet their needs

Are other companies utilizing ratings & reviews?

  • Yes, there are currently more than 2,000 of the world's leading brands - including 100 of the top consumer brands and manufacturers - utilizing the same ratings and reviews system that we use *. In addition, some other industries heavily depend on ratings and reviews - such as the travel & tourism industry via TripAdvisor, which features more than 170 million reviews and sees an average of more than 100 contributions to its site from consumers EVERY minute*.

Are golfers using reviews on GolfPass?

  • You bet! To date, we have garnered more than 1,300,000 reviews for over 15,000 courses written by over 500,000 golfers, making it the largest single source of golf course reviews. The average course rating is currently 3.9 out of 5 stars.

How does my course earn reviews?

  • Golf courses can earn reviews by encouraging their customers to rate and review their experience following their round. Remember, you cannot submit a review for a golfer or offer incentives or compensation of any kind in exchange for a review, but you can ask your customers to write an honest review of their experience at your course. For more information on tools that we can provide to courses to encourage reviews, contact us.

Are the reviews moderated?

Yes, there are three levels of moderation that each review passes through before it is published:

1.) Automated profanity filtering - A review is not even allowed to be submitted by the golfer if it contains any profanity

2.) Auto watch-word filtering - We filter for additional inappropriate and potentially inappropriate terms that we've identified. If found, the review is flagged and our team is notified. We can then reject or approve once it's reviewed. If a golfer continues to post inappropriate or profane content, we have the ability to black list them, so their reviews are always rejected, should that be needed.

3.) Human moderation - All reviews that make it to the final phase are then reviewed by human moderators that look to catch any additional inappropriate and/or fake reviews.

Golf Course Review and Community Guidelines

We’d like to thank our community for their continued efforts to make our website a great place to share fair and constructive feedback about their experience to the course and fellow golfers. When writing your review and submitting media, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Focus on the course played and your individual experience
  • Provide details about why you liked the course or what it could do better
  • Please do not submit copyrighted images or videos
  • All written content, including uploaded images and videos become the property of NBCUniversal. Please see our Privacy Policy for details
  • By submitting any material to us you are consenting to letting us use it in any medium such as through our social media outlets, marketing materials and our websites. When we use something you’ve posted, we may or may not, at our sole discretion, include your username and location or other identifying information you provide
  • All submitted materials are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms of Use

The following are common examples of reviews that are rejected by our moderation team under our review guidelines: 

Inappropriate language: Reviews containing language that is profane or generally inappropriate will be rejected or removed from the website. 

Abuse: Reviews that threaten anyone (an employee, fellow golfer or anyone else) will be removed and the account will be subject to suspension. 

Personally identifying information: Reviews that include the full name of someone is a violation of our terms of service and privacy policy and will be removed. This includes phone numbers, addresses and emails.
Spam or duplicate reviews: Reviews that are posted twice. Golfers can review a course multiple times but the experience must be different due to season or to a significant change in the overall experience. Also, if the review copy is deemed to be living on other review websites, or are cut-and-paste from a blog post, they will be removed and the reviewer’s account will be disabled. 

Golf course employees: Official representatives of the golf course are not permitted to submit reviews of their course. We also have fraud detection technology in place to identify reviews submitted by course staff. (Members of golf courses are allowed to write reviews of their course). 

Fraud: We have technology in place to identify fraudulent reviews. These include reviews written under secondary accounts or course staff who create accounts for the purpose of adding reviews to their course. Reviews that are deemed to be fraudulent will be removed and these accounts suspended. 

Booking experience: Course reviews are intended to review the total golf experience and not just the booking experience. Reviews that focus on issues with the tee time booking are subject to removal. 

Customer Service Complaints: Reviews are meant to be a review of the entire experience. Reviews that focus exclusively on customer service are subject to removal. We ask golfers take their customer service concerns directly to management. 

URL rejections: Reviews containing URLs are subject to removal. 

Wrong facility: Reviews that can be identified as having been submitted to the wrong golf course, either by our technology or based on review of the content, will be removed or, if possible, moved to the correct facility. 

COVID-19: Reviews that focus on COVID-19 protocols or behaviors are subject to removal. 

Reviews are moderated by a third-party moderator within about 24-48 hours of submission. If you feel one of your reviews was rejected or removed in error, you may contact the staff here by providing your review username, email, and course that was reviewed in question. 

In addition, if you wish to share feedback with us about product selection, inventory, pricing, or other customer-service issues, please do not submit this feedback through a course review. Instead, contact us directly so we may resolve it promptly.

How can I avoid getting a negative review?

  • While negative reviews are bound to happen - here are a few pointers to help try to avoid them:

  • - Focus on Customer Service. Encourage your course staff to make customer service a top priority - any and all golfers could write a review of their experience.
  • - Keep Your Course Conditions Up-to-Date Online. Make sure golfers are aware of any issues before they book and arrive at the course so there aren't any surprises.
  • - Manage Expectations. Ensure your course is openly communicating any potential issues with golfers once they arrive, such as delays in start times, so they're not taken off guard.
  • - Constantly monitor your course reviews. If anything is extremely negative, but valid, respond to the golfer to make sure they know you value their opinion, and try to amend the issue.

Remember negative reviews happen to everyone - even major brands such as Best Buy, Samsung and Dell receive negative reviews of their products that are then displayed on their websites. Why do they allow this? It reinforces authenticity - if every single review was completely positive, would anyone believe it? Also keep in mind the following:

  • - Only 11% of all reviews to-date have an overall rating of just 1-2 stars
  • - Shoppers who read helpful brand responses to reviews are 186% more likely to make a purchase decision and show 157% higher average product sentiment*

How are course ratings determined?

  • Our "Rating Index" is a formula that gives recent reviews more importance and a higher value than older ones, which will better reflect your continued efforts to provide golfers with a truly memorable playing experience.

    Our index gives golf course operators like you more credit for your efforts, as well as ratings that genuinely reflect the work you do every day. And it opens up more opportunity for new golfers to help your course climb the rankings and be discovered by players from around the world.

Can I ask for a reviewer to remove a review?
In general, unless we find the review to be false or fabricated, we not remove reviews from its website. Instead, we encourage course management to craft a response to a review, using the guidelines above.

However, if you feel a review is fraudulent or improper, you can report it by hitting the "Report" button beneath the review. Include as much information as possible as to why the review is inappropriate or fraudulent, and a member from our team will review the case.

Grow Your Reviews
Interested in growing your number of ratings and reviews but not sure how to get started? Here's your step-by-step guide to the basics.

1. Sign Up – First, you’ll need to create a user account, username and password, which is easy, fast and free. Be sure when you create the account the username includes your course name. Create your account here.

2. Encourage Customers to Review their experience – As your customers come through the pro shop after their round, ask them if they enjoyed their round and encourage them to visit GolfPass to write a review about your course. The ratings you receive will help be compiled into your overall rating. We currently showcase the 10 top-rated courses in each destination, so the higher your overall rating, the better chance your course has of being featured. Plus, we’re currently compiling reviews into a series of Golfers' Choice lists that will feature top golfer-recommended courses to play.

3. Monitor and Respond to Reviews – Responding to reviews – both positive and negative – shows golfers that you genuinely care about their experience and are interested in their feedback. Be sure to regularly monitor what golfers are writing and respond.

  • If your course receives a positive review, respond by:
  • Thanking the reviewer for taking the time to share their experience
  • Personalizing your response to their review
  • - If your course receives a negative review, stick to the following steps:
  • - Respond with a sense of time urgency. A speedy response shows golfers that you care about customer service. A prompt response also allows you to add your perspective.
  • - Be professional and courteous. Keep in mind that many golfers - current or prospective - will see the response, which could alter the way they view your course. Always be polite, demonstrating that you appreciate positive and negative feedback.
  • - Address key issues. If the review brings up a special complaint, explain how you have worked to resolve the issue.
  • - Focus on the positives. Highlight any positive comments made in the review and share any planned upgrades or additional services that could benefit the reviewer.

    4. Utilize the Outstanding Reviews - We completely encourage courses to use the positive ratings and reviews posted about your course in emails, marketing and other various mediums. These testimonials from real golfers represent authentic, viable word of mouth endorsements. We are working to soon be able to offer print and digital tools to help you tell others about your overall rating in a number of places, including in-store displays, emails, on your website, social media channels and more, so stay tuned. To learn more, contact GolfNow Business.

Have a question or interested in learning more? Contact us.

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