Cape Breton Island's much anticipated Cabot Cliffs opens for preview play

INVERNESS, Nova Scotia, Canada -- The time is finally here. Cabot Cliffs, the long-awaited sequel to Cabot Links, is open for preview play on Canada Day. Designed by the team of Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, the sky is the limit in terms of just how high up this course is ultimately ranked among the best in the world.

Nine tee times per day will be allowed on Cabot Cliffs for the cost of $150 per person. Cabot Links, which opened in 2012, is fully operational. Green fees are $165 for resort guests ($195 for non-resort golfers).

The tale of Cabot isn't all that dissimilar to the Bandon Dunes success story. In both cases, a stagnant seaside town received a huge boost of tourism and employment as a result of golf. We profiled Keiser's impact at Bandon and now the Cape Breton town of Inverness on Morning Drive. You can watch the full feature story right here.

Watch: From Bandon to Inverness, visionary golf developer Mike Keiser invigorates towns with golf

So where should you go? In this mailbag segment on Morning Drive, I discuss the differences between Bandon Dunes and Cabot Links. (Hint: Cabot Cliffs is even better than Pacific Dunes.)

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A spectacular golfing experience. It is truly amazing how Mr. Kaiser and his team have transformed their dream into what may arguably be the finest 1-2 punch in GOLF!I will be back!

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Cape Breton Island's much anticipated Cabot Cliffs opens for preview play