Cool Golf Things

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No, that's not a car garage...

If you love golf, chances are you're a little bit obsessive about it.

You debate the relative merits of obscure golf club logos. You have a trusty club or two that will probably never leave your bag. You scrutinize scorecards from rounds past. You collect hats, pencils, ball markers and other trinkets. You know who won tournaments decades before you were born.

You know that there's more to golf than just hitting a ball toward a hole. It's an entire subculture full of odd characters and interesting artifacts.

That's the premise on which I base my weekly "Cool Golf Things" column.

If it's a thing in golf and it's of interest, it's fair game to appear here.

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1 Min Read
November 30, 2022
Hit the clubhouse, make a birdie?
1 Min Read
November 17, 2022
How many strokes is Chuck getting, anyway?
1 Min Read
October 27, 2022
In golf, the pursuit is the reward.
1 Min Read
August 19, 2022
A beloved cartoon character, of all things, lends a sense of place and a perfect metaphor for the game.
1 Min Read
August 5, 2022
Drive-and-reveal holes add mystery and occasion at The Country Club of North Carolina.
2 Min Read
July 21, 2022
The inaugural U.S. Adaptive Open was an emotional experience for competitors and fans of the game.
1 Min Read
July 8, 2022
Keep Rosie's memory alive.
1 Min Read
June 10, 2022
We must protect this clubhouse.
1 Min Read
May 26, 2022
Hey, what'd you make back on the 258th?
1 Min Read
May 13, 2022
Drop and give me 18.
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