GolfPass Gear Report: April 2023

Our latest golf fashion and equipment roundup features a sock company with a heartwarming tale, a new putter with a unique look and feel and some summer fashions.
Bill Murray rolls the rock in a pair of Biion golf shoes.

We golfers tend to be sentimental. Playing the game for years inevitably lets us build up a cache of artifacts that are of little to no value to anyone but us. But those things we value tend to make us a little emotional.

When visiting with my parents recently, I encountered a couple of golf bags in a closet, with clubs I used in high school. I spotted the distinctive early-2000s Callaway fairway wood headcover - fuzzy and deep, deep blue - on my old Steelhead 5 wood.

I loved that club. Even when brand-new, the grey steel material looked like it had already hit countless solid shots over many years. The simple, small silhouette at address with just the Callaway chevron always framed the golf ball beautifully.

As soon as I glimpsed it, I was taken back to a specific shot in a junior tournament. I'd missed my tee shot to the left on a sharp dogleg-left par 5 and pulled that 5 wood out to hit a banana-slice layup well beyond the spot where I could have (and probably should have) punched out to. Like all great immersive memories, it made me feel like the carefree kid who hit that wild shot for a moment.

Golf stuff is more than just inert objects; it helps tell the story of our journey in the game. Maybe one of the items we cover this month will eventually help you make some great golf memories as well. - Tim Gavrich

Parente Golf – the DRAC putter

Parente Golf has launched the DRAC putter with two fangs, just like Dracula.

I've been watching vampire movies since I was little, from the campy "Blackula" in the 1970s to the really bad "Twilight" series in the early 2000s and the latest comedic release, "Renfield." I've found my favorite Dracula where I least expected it: the golf course. The new DRAC putter from Parente Golf is unlike any mallet putter I've ever tried. It's almost as if putts glide off the face like they've been nudged forward by a kiss. The feel is undeniable. As soon as I started testing it, I made a bunch of putts inside 15 feet. Its soft touch has made hitting quality lag putts tougher to get the speed right, but that's an issue with any new putter.

This fang-shaped mallet putter was created by the California-based Sacks Parente Golf Company. SPG’s cutting-edge patented ultra-low balance point (ULBP) technology has added the substantial tungsten weighting of 100 grams on the heel and toe, and moving more weight forward to create a higher MOI. Moving this weight forward reduces spin, which allows for a more pure roll. The one single alignment dot is simple, like a single puncture from a vampire bite. Like every golfer, I hope this putter sucks strokes from my scorecard more often. It's scary good. “We wanted to come up with an expression reminiscent of the fang-type putters, and I think by way of craftsmanship, we nailed the look without compromising performance,” said Steve Sacks, Co-founder of SPG. Cost: $399.99. - Jason Scott Deegan

Tall Order socks

Few stories of sadness and grief have a happy ending, but the life journey for Lisa Friedman and her twin boys, Mike and Dan, has turned personal tragedy into business triumph. Lisa's husband died in the 9/11 attacks, leaving the family to bond together to make it through those dark days. The two sons would grow up to be human versions of the Twin Towers - Mike is 6 feet 11 inches, Dan 6 feet 9.

Finding stylish clothes to fit such large men was always difficult, so the Friedmans, along with Lisa's friend Rachel Furer, created a company called "Tall Order," focusing on socks. Their lucky break came when New York Yankee captain and home-run king Aaron Judge, who stands 6 foot 7, started wearing them over his size 17 feet. Judge has since become an equity partner in the company.

Today, Tall Order creates socks that can fit just about anybody from size 9 to 20, along with T shirts and boxer briefs. I've got several pairs of size 10 socks that are overly comfortable and durable. They're not specific to golfers, although they're great for any athlete who wants their feet to feel like they're floating when competing on the diamond or the golf course. Cost: $15-$18 per pair. - JSD

CON.STRUCT golf apparel

CON.STRUCT makes a range of styles, including eye-catching prints and more demure solid colors.

Especially with recent inflation, it can seem like quality golf shirts under $100 are a thing of the past. Luckily, a growing list of small, direct-to-consumer brands are challenging that notion with lean operations and a focus on letting their clothes do the talking. The California-based CON.STRUCT is part of a larger apparel company with other menswear brands. With a textile mill powered by sustainable energy and recycled-plastic polyester making its way into its smart-looking shirts, CON.STRUCT should appeal to the Earth- and budget-conscious. Polos: $78. - TG

Biion golf shoes

Biion showed off some of its eye-catching shoe designs at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla.

Remember when Crocs debuted and people were, shall we say, skeptical about their looks...until they tried them on and realized how comfy they were? Now, the lightweight, hardy foam shoes that people use for traveling and general everyday wear are ubiquitous. Biion, a Canadian-based company, seeks similar adoption by golfers. Utilizing a Crocs-like material and offering shoes in a variety of colors and prints, Biion golf shoes are designed to be worn without socks, meaning they should hold some appeal for golfers in hot climates. Golf shoes: $85 - $107. - TG

July 27, 2018
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