Secrets To Getting On Ultra Private Courses

If I told you I could show you how to play Augusta......Cypress Point......Pine Valley Country Club......Oakmont Country Club...

And 97 of the Top-100 golf courses across America...


For the next 48 hours, I could show you how to do it all for one dollar...

Would you be interested?

Well, here's the deal:

As you probably know...

One of the most popular publications Golf Odyssey releases each year...

Is a little book called "21 Secrets to Playing America's Top-100 Golf Courses."

Inside it covers:

    • The "eBay Technique" -- how to get access to ultra-exclusive tee times for pennies on the dollar by using these little-known online auctions...


    • A "secret list" of hotels, which quietly offer guests complimentary tee times at nearby private courses (Hint: This benefit is often not publicized, but you'll find out how to get access to this privilege...)


    • The "letter template" to use when writing to private clubs, asking for the opportunity to play their course. You'll see exactly what to write, how to write it, and to whom you should be sending this letter...


    • The "secret volunteer" technique - how to get tee time by volunteering for a few minutes at a PGA tournament (Hint: The key is knowing how to ask for the few assignments that come with the opportunity to play the course...)


    • The "phone script" to use when calling private clubs asking if they're open to non-members. There are 3 specific things you must convey in the first 30 seconds, and you'll learn exactly what to say...


  • And much MUCH more...
And as you probably know...Every year this little book sells thousands of copies for $27.00 + S&H (see below)...

But today?The publisher of Golf Odyssey, David Baum, decided to do something special.He's giving it away for nothing but a $1 donation to The Player Foundation.And the reason why? Let me explain..

You may recall last month, David announced that he and Golf Odyssey were looking to raise $25K this year for the Gary Player Foundation.

To kick off the fundraising, he offered his Definitive Guide to Bandon Dunes to GVI readers for only one dollar.

The results were even more impressive than anticipated.

Together, we raised nearly $5,000 for The Player Foundation and we are helping to feed hundreds of kids with that money.

We then got to thinking about what else could get so many people excited about donating...And almost immediately, the "21 Secrets" guide came up.Thousands of people have used the strategies inside to cross off their bucket list golf courses left and right.In fact, David gets emails all the time from people who paid full price for the book, asking why he doesn't charge more for it.

But the reality is, the amazing feeling of playing one of those course is priceless.

So, if it can get you on a top-100 private course, and help raise money for a good cause?

Well, that’s a no brainer.

So if you're interested...

Here's what you need to do:

Click on the link below to claim your copy for only $1.

Click here to get "21 Secrets to Playing America’s Top 100 Golf Courses.".

To take advantage of this offer, you must use that link above.

In fact, if you try ordering directly off the Golf Odyssey website (or Amazon) - you're going to see the regular price of $27.00 + S&H for the book.

And you won’t find the digital version for sale, anywhere.

And remember...

David is only keeping this offer open for 48 hours.

Because the reality is, even though he loves giving to charity, David has a business to run and can't just give away an unlimited number of these.

So what I recommend is this:

If you're even remotely interested...

Go ahead and grab your copy now while you've got this email open and you're thinking about it.

Simply click on the link below to claim your copy in exchange for a $1 donation to The Player Foundation:

Click here to get "21 Secrets to Playing America’s Top-100 Golf Courses."

Okay, I'll leave you with that for now...

But don't forget to email me when you're enjoying a legendary Burger Dog at The Olympic Club.

Have a great day, and I'll talk to you soon!

All my best,


P.S. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot - David also wanted me to tell you...

Folks who claim their copy in next 24 hours will also get a Free copy of the companion guide: The Definitive Guide to Charity Outings at the Top-100 Golf Courses ($24.95 Value).

This bonus guide will show you dozens of opportunities to play some of the top, most exclusive courses in the world like Merion, Oakmont, and Riviera Country Club - by getting insider access to a few select charity tournaments, which also happen to benefit some very worthy causes.Again, you'll get both for just $1, so...Click here to get "21 Secrets to Playing America’s Top-100 Golf Courses."
Tim Gavrich is a Senior Writer for GolfPass. Follow him on Twitter @TimGavrich and on Instagram @TimGavrich.
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