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  • Yuma, Arizona
    Cocopah RV & Golf Resort is located in western Arizona in Yuma, on the Colorado River near the US-Mexico Border, conveniently located off I-8. It is an RV resort with over 400 sites, and home to its own 5,700-yard, 18-hole golf course and driving range. Cocopah is owned and operated by the Cocopah Tribe and nearby attractions include a casino,…
  • Yuma, Arizona
    Westwind Golf & RV Resort is a 55 & up RV and golf resort in Yuma, Arizona. Located just off I-8, this RV resort features a 9-hole, par-3 golf course that plays just over 1,200 yards and is ideal for short rounds and beginning players. Amenities at Westwind beyond golf are a restaurant and bar, outdoor pool, pickleball, billiards, library, fitness…

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