Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club

Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club

About Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club

Nestled on the south shore of Oneida Lake, just outside of Syracuse, New York, Lakeshore Yacht & Country Club offers a complete and personalized club experience. Not only is the golf course lush and in the best condition of any top Upstate club, the membership community is second to none. It truly is a place to savor every special moment with family and friends.

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Cicero, New York
Beautiful inside and out. Staff and atmosphere is amazing.
Sue Barilla
Cicero, New York
Great food, great view, great staff
Tony Cimino
Cicero, New York
A Beautiful course and location!! An ideal spot to spend the day!
Nikki Cary VandenBerg
Cicero, New York
Greatest Country Club EVER!!! Amazing course, outstanding people, fine dining and fun filled parties at the pool!
Terri Tucci-Petrin
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