This four-in-one tool is a Cool Golf Thing

Does it merit a place in every player's pocket?
Seen at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show, Skinny Golf's Pocket Caddie effortlessly blends three or four on-course items every golfer needs.

Complicated realities crave simple solutions.

Many products seek to slim down a golfer's on-course kit, but most of them seem to create new issues, or look bad, or don't last long enough to imprint their utility on us.

Enter SkinnyGolf's Pocket Caddie, which stood out for its distinct lack of flash or pretense when I first spied it at the 2022 PGA Merchandise Show. With a single brass prong and a rubbery handle, it's a minimalistic pitch mark tool.

But there's more to it. That prong's sharp, flat end also enables it to gouge gunk out of club grooves. At the other end, stiff plastic bristles form a small but mighty brush. The body is magnetized, so it'll hold onto your favorite metal ball mark, too.

I approached the Pocket Caddie tool with some trepidation, as the brass prong starts out with intimidatingly sharp corners. I worried that I might drive it into my thigh while walking, but I'm happy to report no ER visits as a result of using it. Those sharp corners round off after a round or two.

At $20, its value is totally dependent on longevity, which is why I've waited a year and 80-plus rounds to pass judgment on it. The verdict: it's excellent. The first feature I figured would deteriorate, the brush end, has held up shockingly well. I feel as though it will see me through several more years of heavy duty. I have traditionally preferred two-pronged pitch mark tools, but in the end, that shortcoming is no match for the rest of the Pocket Caddie's small, potent package.

$20, available in nine colors.

March 22, 2019
If it's cool and it's a thing in golf, it might just be a Cool Golf Thing.

Tim Gavrich is a Senior Writer for GolfPass. Follow him on Twitter @TimGavrich and on Instagram @TimGavrich.
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This four-in-one tool is a Cool Golf Thing