Women's golf fashions I love

A Division I golfer shares what golf fashions line her closet.
Birdies and Bows features quality polos, skirts, and jackets in a generous range of sizes.

When I was just a month old, my parents carried me into the golf shop where I would spend my entire childhood. As the daughter of a PGA professional, I was around the course nearly every day and spent afternoons helping my mom stock the women’s apparel department in our shop. Years later I found my own love for the game and have spent years working in the sport and playing Division I college golf.

It’s not a secret that golf is dominated by the male demographic and as I grew up, there was very little representation for women in the sport. I rarely found girls my age to play with, but my biggest challenge was finding clothes to play in. For many years I was restricted to kids clothing and my brother's hand-me-downs because golf clothes for women were few and far between.

But today, my younger self has everything she could have dreamed of when it comes to apparel. I can comfortably wear skirts and pants and have a plethora of polos to choose from. College athletic programs typically wear the clothes of the company they are contracted to. I have worn both Under Armour and Adidas over my college career and while having a brand picked for you may seem restrictive, these major brands have expanded their golf apparel options for women over the years, helping them feel comfortable and confident in their team colors.

While these top brands continue to figure out women's golf fashion, the real story is in the companies starting from scratch to make golf apparel just for women. I’ve been in hundreds of golf shops across the country and have been inspired lately by how quickly the women’s sections are growing. While I personally prefer a skirt and a sleeveless polo to play, every golfer is different, and these new brands are accounting for every style. From dresses to pants and even hoodies, there is something for everyone and as the game continues to grow, so will the menu of fashion options.

The typical golf hat found in your everyday golf shop has been curated to perfection for the men of the sport. As ladies know, these caps are restrictive when it comes to fit and hairstyle. Growing up a golfer, I put sun protection aside and stopped wearing hats as they were uncomfortable and got in the way as I competed.

VimHue's women's golf hats can fit all hair styles.

Founded by Katie Lim in 2018, Vimhue understands that women’s hair isn’t one-size-fits-all. Lim started building caps from scratch, studying women’s skull sizes and looking into the market to create a product that fits comfortably and allows any hairstyle you desire. As athletes know, when you feel good, you perform your best and with Vimhue’s “Engineered to Empower” cap, women in golf can do just that. Vimhue features two moisture-wicking and sun-protective designs, the “Sun Goddess” and “X-Boyfriend”, offered in a variety of colors. These designs can be flaunted at your local country club, or off the course in your everyday life. Thanks to Vimhue, hats have returned to my everyday golf wardrobe.

Headwear aside, finding comfortable, stylish and appropriate apparel proves to be a continuous challenge for female golfers. Birdies and Bows, founded by Lori Wood, was created to check those boxes after seeing a hole in the market for women’s golf apparel.

Birdies and Bows features quality polos, skirts and jackets in a generous range of sizes. The brand touts itself as “figure flattering, made to move with you, trendy and able to wear on and off the course.” Styles range from their “Classic Collection” featuring apparel basics to new styles focused on bold and bright styles. With 30 UPF in every piece, Birdies and Bows will protect you, too.

Calliope Golf offers a modern spin to women's apparel.

Any fashion-forward golfer understands that wardrobe trends change as fast as green speeds. Your basic hats, skirts and collared tops will remain in rotation, yet new brands are popping up to spice up your everyday fit with accessories or even a touch of leather. Calliope Golf pairs function with fashion offering an array of apparel and accessory options for female players. Calliope’s vision is to create apparel that isn’t an afterthought. It allows women to choose pieces that match their style and can be worn throughout the day. The brand has evolved with recent fashion trends offering hoodies, joggers, and dresses along with basic polos and skirts.

When it comes to accessories, Calliope has you covered with cross-body bags and a ball marker bracelet that will revolutionize your experience on the greens. Founder Cassy Issacs has created a brand that makes shopping for golf apparel easy as it matches with trends and styles women are used to seeing in their everyday wardrobes.

What's your favorite women's golf fashions? Let us know in the comments below.

Libby Gilliland, a Division I golfer at La Salle University in Philadelphia, is an intern with GolfPass.
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The fashions are nice and very trendy. However, having had melanoma twice, I need hats that shade my ears, moisture wicking long sleeves and long pants treated with UV protection. Think of us too!

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