As I sucked on an Arby's milkshake on the drive home reflecting on a round with an LPGA pro, the path to elite golf seemed so simple:
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Strokes Gained insights have never been more accessible to golfers of any ability. Here's what you need to know about the revolutionary statistic and how it can help you lose shots.
9 Min Read
Avoid bad habits in the beginning of your journey and your learning curve in this tough game will be a lot faster.
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Simply swatting a bunch of balls can be frustrating and even counter-productive.
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Check out the brand new Hualalai Golf Hale at the Four Seasons Resort and private club on Hawaii's Big Island. It houses instruction, club fitttng and entertainment.
The days of mindlessly banging balls on the driving range are long gone. Recent technology advancements in golf have made it possible for range rats to chart every single swing and gain valuable insights from each session.
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2011 PGA Instructor of the year Mike Malaska joins Golf Advisor's Brandon Tucker to discuss why using a mobile launch monitor like the Rapsodo MLM at the driving range has become essential for serious players in 2020.
Tracking advanced analytics and Strokes Gained data for your own rounds has never been easier. Here's how you can do it.
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Golf Advisor staff members admit their bad habits to show how a new instruction series by Martin Hall can help break yours.
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2020 product highlights include Caddie Link and new Strokes Gained benchmarks for enhanced game tracking.
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Nationwide company founder talks precautions, effects of COVID-19 and gives advice to first-timers to the club fitting process.
A reader inquires about the best training aid to cure their over-the-top swing.
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Better scores means happier golf, so give this a try.
Instructors offer their advice on how to game plan and get the most out of your swing and once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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By Dave Allen, Golf Channel Academy
Get the most out of your time with a new coach by understanding what they want to know about your game.
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By David Gould
Senior Instructor at Marriott Golf Academy Dave Dolengowski discusses what you need to consider with your golf swing and equipment when taking a trip south to bermuda grass or heading north to cool grass types.
Golf resorts and communities are going above and beyond with sleek tech and eye-popping amenities
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Etiquette, rules and policy tips for beginning golfers playing their first-ever round of golf
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Senior Writer Mike Bailey sits down with a former rocket scientist to discuss golf equipment and clubfitting
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Golf architects train for decades, learning the skills of their trade. Those crafts run the gamut, from fine-motor drawing to overseeing large-scale grading operations: refined sketching and drawing mass grading plans. The hope is to use those skills to create fabulous new golf courses and to fix up older ones so they have more appeal.
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Training aids can cover just about all aspects of the swing, from path and positioning to speed, short game and, of course, putting. Ideally, if you're looking to improve, you should take a lesson, and then get a training aid or two your instructor recommends.
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In this Golf Advisor Round Trip extra scene, host Matt Ginella gets the royal club-fitting treatment at The Kingdom presented by TaylorMade at Reynolds Lake Oconee.
A driving range full of golfers is normally a pleasant sight. But is the experience hindering the game?
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Check out the ultimate short-game backyard area , located at short game guru Dave Pelz's house near Austin, Texas.
Tune up your golf game or get a lesson at one of these Austin-area driving ranges and practice facilities.
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Looking for ways to improve your game while away from the course? Keep these 4 items handy at home while you wait for the season to start up again.
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Two of South Florida's most famous golf resorts, Miami Biltmore and Trump National Doral Miami have shuffled their golf schools.
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South Florida, particularly Miami, has fared well during a wet and wild hurricane season this fall, including a punch from Hurricane Irma this fall. Its golf courses and resorts are open for business for snow birds this winter.
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