Fitness expert and one of your GOLFPASS instructors, Don began curating a golf fitness regimen when first training his brother, a top amateur golfer. He's now the owner and founder of Drive 495 in NYC, a workout facility catered to golfers.

Don Saladino at a Glance

Don leverages the experiences of specialized strength and conditioning coaches, physical therapists, PGA instructors along with nutrition and lifestyle coaches. Born of a philosophy that analyzes first, Don seeks to improve strength and balance in specific areas of the golf game to enhance energy and lower handicaps.

Notable Students
The PLAYERS Championship - Final Round
Keegan Bradley
PGA Championship - Final Round
Luke List
Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented By MasterCard - Round One
Morgan Hoffman
Don Salidino
Don Salidino
Don Saladino's Training Facility
Drive 495, located in NYC, offers total fitness at an unparalleled level. Dedicated to holistic training, Drive 495 defies conventional gym standards with an innovative approach to fitness that’s both individualized and socially motivating.
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Don Saladino's CORE GOLF features 90 minutes of fitness, flexibility and strength-building exercises -- all designed specifically for the game of golf.
Featuring an entire workout set of 45 distinct exercises which hone in on improving golf and golf movements. You get just the entire excellent workout regimen by Don Saladino and his star 63-year-old pupil, Joel, who not only overcame knee replacement, but is playing the best golf of his life. This series is an absolute must for golfers over 50.
When you want to maximize your distance, you must improve your flexibility and mobility. And there's great news … it’s easy. You don’t need to spend hours lifting weights in the gym, just 20 minutes a day with some simple “non-sweaty” exercises to get key muscles firing again. In Real Time Flexibility with Don Saladino, you will see results in about 7-10 days … then you’ll enjoy the health and golf benefits for decades!
In GOLFER’S NEED FOR SPEED, Don and Martin show you EXACTLY how to: Increase your clubhead speed by at least 10 mph Improve your distance off the tee by 26 yards “Re-awaken” your golf muscles Find the sweet spot every shot Avoid the “typical” mistakes that lead to distance leaks.
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