How to be a part of the next season of 'Ask Rory'

Want Rory McIlroy to help you with your golf game? All you have to do is ask.
Submissions are open for the new season of Ask Rory, an annual GolfPass instruction series with Rory McIlroy.

(Updated: March, 2023.)

Production is well underway for the newest season of GolfPass' hit series, Ask Rory.

And we need your help.

As a GolfPass member, you have the exclusive opportunity to participate in this season's shoot. Here's how.

1. Ask Rory a question.
Is there a particular shot you've seen Rory hit where you've wondered, How did he do that?! Record a video of you asking your question on your smartphone.

2. Submit your question to us!
Once you've recorded your video question, email it to us by clicking here. This link will open an email to

2 quick Ask Rory video submission tips

1. Please record your video in Landscape (i.e. wider than tall) mode on your phone.

2. Be sure to introduce yourself! Tell us your name and where you're from, then ask Rory your question.

Simply attach your video to that email and send it our way! The producers of Ask Rory - including Rory himself - will select the questions that ultimately make it into the new season.

That's it! If your question is chosen for a segment of the next season of Ask Rory, we'll reach out to let you know so you can see it when the new season premieres this summer.

We're giving full GolfPass members first dibs on this opportunity; submit it to us ASAP before we open it up to other golfers.

Now, you don't have to be an All-American collegiate golfer to participate, but here's an example of a great video-submission question from a previous season of Ask Rory:

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Long Irons From The Rough

Commented on

How to work the ball for a draw or fade to control trajectory?

Commented on

How to hit a basic bunker shot without dumping in the bank or flying over the green?

Commented on

I struggle to get to my left side when initiating my downswing, is there a swing thought trigger or drill you can recommend?

Commented on

Do you have a positive mantra to help you recover from bad or missed shots?

Commented on

SunCity Hilton Head:. How to hit a 20 yd bunker shot that doesn't fly because not good contact with the sand?

Commented on

What are the actions of both hands before, at, and just after impact?
Thank you,
Gene Dameron

Commented on

How do you properly play a downhill/downslope bunker shot?

How do you get long bunker shotts, say 30-40 yards to fly the proper distance?

Commented on

How do you hit a driver 300 plus yards?

Commented on

Timing and proper body mechanics

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How to be a part of the next season of 'Ask Rory'