GolfPass Holiday Gift Guide: What to get your favorite golfer

We make golf gift shopping easier with this handy guide.

The holidays can be a stressful time - especially if you're shopping for golfers.

The thought process is probably the same every year: 'What can I buy that he (or she) doesn't already own?'

Most seasoned golfers already have all the tools necessary to play. What they're truly looking for are upgrades to what they already have. Maybe the gift you buy will be the game-changer they've been looking for all these years. Probably not, but at least it's worth trying to find. Have you ever met a golfer perfectly happy with their golf game? We didn't think so.

You can surprise or delight your favorite golfer with any (or all!) of these hand-picked holiday golf gift options:

Golf gifts under $25

GolfNow gift cards

The new Golfnow gift card is a perfect gift for any holiday, but especially Father's Day.

The new GolfNow gift card is the perfect golf gift. You can spend a small amount and stick it in a stocking or go big and wrap it like a present. There's no expiration date, and it offers access to more than 11,000 golf courses worldwide through the GolfNow app. Shop here

Softspikes golf shoe cleats

Spikeless golf shoes remain popular, but Softspikes continues to make great cleats for more traditional footwear.

Spikeless golf shoes may be gaining in popularity, but millions of golfers still prefer the traditional models. That means your or your favorite golfer's pair of golf shoes might be due for some new cleats. As they have for years, Softspikes continues to make some of the best cleats golfers can buy. A bag of their popular Tour Flex Pro model cleats ($19.99) would fit nicely in any golfer's stocking. Shop here

GrooveIt golf club brush

Clean golf clubs are happy golf clubs, and while most golfers get by with a grungy towel and maybe a cheap wire brush to keep their sticks clean, there is a better way: the GrooveIt golf club brush ($24.99), a.k.a. "The Wet Club Scrub." The body of the brush doubles as a small tank that you can fill with water. Push down the tank cap and water squirts out the brush onto your clubface. The high-quality bristles whisk away dirt and grime easily from there. Strong magnets make it easy to detach and reattach from your golf bag. Shop here

Golf Gifts Under $50

LIV and Let Die

LIV and Let Die could be a good gift for your golfer.

Alan Shipnuck's latest golf book ($26.50) looks at the tumultuous year in professional golf as the PGA TOUR and LIV Golf battled for the best players and the spotlight of the golf world. We won't share its secrets, only that it's a fascinating read. Shop here

TaylorMade TP5 golf balls

TaylorMade's TP5 golf balls are currently on sale for $44.99 per dozen.

TaylorMade's top-of-the-line ball models have made inroads on the PGA Tour and among rank-and-file golfers in recent years, and they offer more ways to personalize those pellets than any other manufacturer. You can buy a dozen plain TP5 or TP5x balls ($44.99), or you can personalize them using TaylorMade's MySymbol program ($49.99). For a few dollars more, you can use your golf balls to affiliate yourself with your favorite college team or NBA franchise ($54.99). Swifties can even get golf balls with a caricature of Travis Kelce's face on them ($54.99). The possibilities are unlimited. Shop here

(Note: if you join GolfPass+, you will receive a $40 store credit at, which will help you save a bunch on any TaylorMade purchase.

Golf Gifts Under $100

Forewind driver headcovers

Forewind's upcycled sailcloth headcovers should make any New Englander smile on the golf course.

Driver and fairway wood headcovers with fun patterns and quality materials are all the rage now; gaming a manufacturer-issued headcover is so 2010. Many companies use wool and other textiles. These are great, but they can wear out, especially for golfers who play in high heat or damp weather. Based in Maine, Forewind Golf uses upcycled sails and boating canvas to craft colorful, small-batch headcovers and other products that stand up well to the elements. Their driver headcovers range from $60 to $89. Shop here

Troon Golf card

A Troon Golf card brings a number of benefits for golfers who have access to a number of Troon-managed properties.

If you play a lot of golf at a Troon Golf-managed facility or are planning visit an area with a number of them, buying a Troon Golf card could save you a lot of money. Cardholders join a membership with some nice benefits: The ability to book tee times 78 hours in advance, 50 percent off standard rates, 2 for 1 offers, $25 replay rates, free clinics, special twilight and 9-hole rates and more. Troon offers multiple styles of cards, including several state, regional and national cards. The prices vary but start at $69. Shop here

Galvin Green golf polo

Galvin Green polos are stylish and ready for any weather.

Although there are a couple Galvin Green polos that can push beyond this price barrier (up to $109), the vast majority cost $99, a bargain for the classic look and high-quality materials the brand prides itself on using. All are breathable and comfortable to wear in any weather. European fashion trends are undeniable: We're partial to the bright blue of the 'Mani' and bold patterns of the 'Madden'. Shop here

GolfPass+ membership

Access to exclusive video instruction by Rory McIlroy, other top players and the best instructors in the world is one of the many benefits of GolfPass membership.

Call it a shameless plug if you want, but hundreds of thousands of members believe in the ability of GolfPass+ to enrich their golf lives. Monthly $10 Anytime Tee Time Credits that come with membership help save on rounds booked through GolfNow. A vast library of video golf instruction tips opens up new paths to improvement. Getting a $40 TaylorMade credit (need balls?) and 12 months Peacock Premium to watch more golf at big events like The Open and U.S. Open are added benefits. Sign up here

Golf Gifts Under $200

Blue Tees Golf Player+ GPS Speaker

The Blue Tees Golf Player+ GPS Speaker doubles as a yardage device.

This new high-quality speaker ($199) doubles as a yardage device to give golfers a better on-course experience. The speaker not only crushes the tunes, but spits out audible distances for thousands of courses, thanks to its sleek touch screen display. It can be paired with multiple speakers simultaneously. An ultra-strong magnet easily attaches to any golf cart. A built-in USB-C power bank can charge your phone. Just in case your golf party gets a little too rowdy, the unit is fully waterproof. Shop here

Theragun Relief

The Theragun Relief is small enough and light enough to fit in your golf bag.

The new Theragun Relief ($149) is smaller and easier to use than other models. Its compact size (less than 8 inches long) and weight (1.33 pounds) means it could easily fit into your golf bag. The smartest golfer we ever met was the guy using a Theragun before and after his rounds to keep his muscles loose and limber. Shop here

Ralph Lauren Golf

A Quilted Double-Knit Pullover from Ralph Lauren could be the perfect golf gift.

If you're like us, you've got plenty of golf pullovers, but none of them are in style anymore. It's time to bring your fashion into the 21st century with a sharp-looking Quilted Double-Knit Pullover ($168) from Ralph Lauren Golf. This pullover’s fabric is crafted with recycled polyester, which reduces dependence on virgin petroleum–based material. Shop here

Golf gifts under $500

Revo Sunglasses

Revo Descend Pro sunglasses help golfers see contours on the course.

The new Revo Descend Pro sunglasses were engineered with light-adaptive lenses to improve contrast and visual clarity on the golf course. That can help you read greens, see contours and maybe even help you find your potential lost ball in the high grass. This lightweight frame ($259) offers a wide field of view thanks to its rimless design.  Shop here

Bushnell v6 Shift rangefinder

Bushnell rangefinders are trusted by more than 90% of PGA Tour pros and caddies for pre-tournament course scouting.

There are lots of companies that make pretty good rangefinders, but Bushnell remains the gold standard. Their products are accurate, durable and unfussy. The Tour v6 Shift ($399) is their latest model that toggles between slope-enabled mode and tournament mode with the flip of a switch on the side. And the BITE magnetic connection plate practically welds it to the vertical metal bar of a golf cart. Just about any type of golfer will be thrilled to receive one of these. Shop here

Golf Gifts (Way) Over $500

A bucket-list golf vacation

Cascata is one of Las Vegas' most sought-after golf experiences.

Experiences have never been more popular as gifts, so why not join the trend and take your favorite golfer(s) somewhere awesome? The field of golf travel services has never been stronger. GolfPass' own travel department has hundreds of stay-and-play packages on offer, from a "Best of Las Vegas" offer fit for high rollers to awesome trips to Phoenix/Scottsdale, Kiawah Island, Destination Kohler and even Scotland. Browse packages here

Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Caddy

The Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Caddy is one of golf's most technologically advanced electronic trolleys.

We spent all of 2023 educating golfers on how much better the game is when you're on two feet with our summer walking series. This is arguably one of the best ways to walk: Enjoying the stroll hands-free with a Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Caddy ($1,899). Its new GPS touchscreen allows golfers to get distance readings as soon as they arrive at their balls. Distances read from the front, middle or back of the green with a function that allows you to drag and drop a pin that signifies the flag. No more fussing with a range finder or struggling to read a tiny watch screen. The M7 sports the best control of all the electric trolleys we've tested within the past year. The built-in Automatic Downhill Control and all-terrain tyres (tires) help to maintain a constant speed no matter the gradient. Extras like a Motocaddy bag and umbrella, phone and drink holders make walking a breeze. Shop here

July 27, 2018
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