Ship Sticks and Other Golf Club Shipping Services Compared

Boy, the airlines and airports sure are making it an easy decision to ship your golf clubs.

Between the hassle and increasing costs of lugging them, I now ship my clubs whenever possible.

And many of you do, too.

The most common question I get has changed from "Should I ship my clubs?" to "Which company should I use?"

The short answer is, Ship Sticks.

In addition to all the reasons below, through August you can save 10% on your order.

After comparing them to many other shipping services, I've found Ship Sticks to be the overall winner regarding price, reliability, ease-of-use, and customer service.

In no particular order, the other options are...

United States Postal Service
While technically an option, it isn't one I'd recommend (been burned too many times).

Birthday and holiday cards, sure, but trust them with golf clubs? Not a chance.

UPS or FedEx
This is one case where you'll actually pay MORE to "cut out the middleman."

Why? When you use UPS or FedEx, you're paying the one-off rate.

Ship Sticks sends thousands of shipments and gets deeply discounted pricing...which they pass on to you.

Luggage Forward
More expensive, smaller weight limits, less included insurance.

For example, their 3-day service is $30-$40 more than Ship Sticks.

Their "standard golf bag" weight limit is only 40 pounds vs. 42 for Ship Sticks.

They include only $500 of "value protection" vs. $1,000 of insurance with Ship Sticks.

Game. Set. Match.

Functions mostly as a middleman, so costs can skyrocket and there doesn't tend to be much in the way of assistance when things go wrong.

Also, golf club shipping is mentioned on their site, but it's clearly an afterthought. Your golf clubs should not be an afterthought.

Their golf club-shipping service starts at $99. Ship Sticks' starts from $39. 'Nuff said.

And similar to SendMyBag and others listed here, if something goes wrong, you're in for a long time in telephone on-hold hell.

Ship Sticks, on the other hand, can immediately tell you where your bag is and get it back on track if need be.

DUFL Sports
This service -- primarily aimed at road warriors -- will store your golf clubs in its "central storage facility," then ship them to your destination (and back) when you need them. costs $10 per month for storage PLUS about $75-$100 for each round-trip shipment PLUS the cost to buy a second rig (bag, clubs, etc.) that you leave in storage.

Unless you travel a ton, this is going to be waaaay more expensive than Ship Sticks.

By the Way, I Learned Everything Above the Hard Way

I've tried lots of different ways of shipping my golf clubs, I keep coming back to Ship Sticks.

>> Click here to save 10% instantly on your Ship Sticks order..

The most important thing you need is your clubs delivered safely and on time...and Ship Sticks, um, delivers.

It helps that they are golfers and they specialize in golf...

It helps that they have relationships and work directly with golf courses and resorts...

And it helps that you can speak to a live person if you want to.

In short...they get it, and that's why they get my business.

Want to find out how blissful it is to use Ship Sticks?

>> Click here to receive 10% off your next order.

Here's to hassle-free golf trips,


Craig Better is one of the founding editors of Golf Vacation Insider. In addition to traveling to 15 foreign countries, he has twice traveled across America to play golf courses in all 50 United States. Prior to joining Golf Vacation Insider, Craig was a freelance writer who contributed to GOLF Magazine, Travel + Leisure Golf, Maxim Magazine,, and co-authored Zagat Survey’s book, America’s Top Golf Courses.
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can i get a ballpark figure on shipping my clubs from Daytona,Fl. to Shannon Ireland?

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with ship sticks can you send just a new golf bag to a private resident so they can get it to someone as a surprise?

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I' d like to know the cost of sending items from San Jose California to Ottawa Canada.
The items are a set of golf club and a suitcase(28inch trunk case).
Can I know their respective costs?

Thank you,

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How much to send golf clubs to California and back to uk 2 weeks later

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How much would it cost to ship my golf bag from Park Garden Lane, Reston, Va to Sarasota, FL. ?

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You can literally get a quote online in 2 minutes you boomer fool. Try googling?

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Ship Sticks will generally cost you more than checking the bag with the airline. This is my third golf trip and between three airlines, they have been cheaper. Check with your airline before flying and save some cash to spend on the golf course, don’t believe the hype of “starting at $39”...

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Ship Sticks and Other Golf Club Shipping Services Compared