What's the worst golf weather you've played in?

Four-club winds. Holy hail! We've seen it all on the golf course.
Rough weather put an early damper on The Match: Champions for Charity in 2020 featuring Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Phil Mickelson.

By now, you've probably seen the Instagram video of a golfer hitting driver into the seventh green at Pebble Beach during a raging storm.

The 107-yard hole is normally a half-wedge, so to see it play 200-plus yards into the gale was quite incredible. The storm was one of the largest I've witnessed in my eight years living in the Bay Area. I wouldn't even walk my dogs in it. Playing golf? Well...

Watching the video brought back fond memories for me. As middle-schoolers, a buddy and I would go "mudding" after big rains in Michigan. We would hop on our bikes and find the biggest puddles we could ride through. Good times!

Like that poor guy above, I've also played my fair share of golf in some serious weather. I walked Doonbeg (now called Trump International Golf Links Ireland) in a four-club wind where all but two of us quit after nine. Another time at Portsalon farther north in County Donegal, I felt like a sheep helplessly fleeing Mother Nature. I was the only golfer with an umbrella, which forced three of us to tuck into a dune under it for protection from pounding rain. I used to have a video, but I think it was lost on an old flip phone. I'm pretty sure I put my rain gear on and peeled it off a record four times in a single round.

The coldest I've ever been on the golf course was my only round at Pacific Dunes at Bandon Dunes. I was pummeled by sleet, hail and all sorts of cold water from the sky. Next time I go to Bandon, it won't be in March. A close second would be the October round at Park City Golf Club while I was driving my car across the country during a move from Michigan to California. At one point in the round, we were putting through 3-inch-deep puddles. Read more about these ill-fated golf adventures below.

Jason Deegan visited Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in the off-season and endured wet weather and travel fiascos to play a collection of the best golf courses in America.
Jason Scott Deegan continues his golf journey across America, hitting courses in Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah.

The moral of all these stories: When you've got a chance to play a bucket-list course, you suck it up, buttercup. If that crummy day was your only chance to play Pebble Beach, you would have been out there, too, wouldn't you?

What's the worst golf weather you've played in? Let us know in the comments below.

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When I was on my college team, we played early practice rounds in March in New York. One day it was 17° with a brisk wind that made it feel like 10° below zero. Everything was frozen solid which made for some crazy long drives but putting was impossible. Our hands were bleeding and we could barely move we had so many clothes on. It was brutal.

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What's the worst golf weather you've played in?