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Green Gables Golf Club - No. 3
Prince Edward Island
Courses: 17
Reviews: 68
Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province but carries a larger-than-life reputation among golf travelers. This tiny island in Canada's Maritimes is legendary for its friendly and charming residents. It is also connected to the neighboring province of New Brunswick by the Confederation Bridge, though PEI also accepts international flights. The top course is generally considered to be the Links at Crowbush Cove, but others, such as Dundarave and Brudenell River are also standouts. There is also the Green Gables Golf Club within the National Park, originally designed by Stanley Thompson and plays alongside the inspiration for Anne of Green Gables. Lobster suppers are a staple of a trip to PEI and local mussels are so abundant here that some golf courses and restaurants even offer free mussel buffets at happy hour. The capital city of Charlottetown features a collection of restaurants, pubs and historical attractions (as well as a race track). Venture beyond the small city and countrysides sprinkled with fishing villages and golf courses.

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