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It's pretty difficult to visit Green Bay and not notice that it's the home of the Packers. The "cheeseheads" are pretty rabid about the fan-owned team founded in 1919 that has more championships than any team in the NFL. Not bad for a city of just over 100,000 residents, the smallest to host an NFL team. But there's much more than football in this city that has long been a seat of Great Lakes shipping and paper mills. Fox River runs through downtown and empties into Green Bay, an ideal place from which to pull bass, whitefish and muskie. Other draws include Oneida Bingo and Casino, the National Railroad Museum with 70 locomotives and railcars on display, and the NEW Zoo. Close to town are several golf courses, most which have a supper club or restaurant attached. Plan your Friday round so you can finish in time for the weekly fish fry. Courses range from Royal Scot Golf Course, which claims to have the best conditioned greens in the area, to Royal St. Patrick's Golf Course that says "you deserve this golf" on its 500-acre British-style course that opened in 2003. Don't overlook Brown County Golf Course, a feisty muni set in woodlands with water hazards on 10 holes, some narrow fairways and quick greens. The Oneida Legends course at Thornberry Creek has 72 sand bunkers and 11 water hazards to pose many risk-reward choices. The city's northern position lends itself to a lot of daylight on summer days, so you can "pack" in a lot, maybe even a couple of rounds. Summer afternoons occasionally get a little steamy, but more often than not, the temperatures are comfortable. But to say you've been to Green Bay, even on a golf trip, you have to visit the Packer Hall of Fame where you can see tributes to legendary coach Vince Lombardi, team founders Curly Lambeau and George Calhoun, and franchise quarterbacks Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Peek into the outdoor Lambeau Field, named twice by Sports Illustrated as the "best stadium experience" and known for hosting a few playoff games in blizzard-like conditions. But you can only dream about having season tickets. The waiting list has 80,000 names on it. Wrap up your day with a meal at one of Green Bay's many landmark restaurants, from the four stages of chili at Chili John's that opened in 1913 to the anything-but-a-burger-and-a-beer Hinterland Brewery and Restaurant. Its upscale menu features marinated pheasant goat cheese pound cake, all enjoyed with the sounds of jazz drifting from the upstairs jazz bar. Kroll's (East or West) has been around since in the 1930s and is on the dining map for its broasted chicken. Of course, it is northern Wisconsin, so there are plenty of pubs, brewhouses and dive bars to cap your evening, too. Oh, and if just for the night, we suggest you claim to be a Packers fan.

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