2021 Father's Day golf gift guide

From discounts on golf balls to training aids, these products should delight any golf-loving dad this year.
The GolfPass 2021 Father's Day golf gift guide features tech, wellness and great deals.

A lazy Sunday in front of the TV watching final round U.S. Open action from Torrey Pines is a fine way for dads to spend Father's Day. Or better yet, a round of golf in the morning followed by a few hours of major championship drama. But any golfing dad could surely use new gear, too. We've scanned the 2021 golf products space to uncover new products and Father's Day deals. From swing aids to accessories and wellness products, we've listed out a wide range of products (some of which have limited time promo codes and discounts ) from $19.99 and up.

Load dad up for the season with a free dozen golf balls

Load up on dad's ammo and personalize it for free to boot.

How's this for a Father's Day special? Srixon and GolfBalls.com have teamed up to offer one dozen free golf balls when you buy two dozen through June 20th. GolfBalls.com is also throwing in free personalization on top of that. Choose from the full Srixon lineup and find which model and color suits dad best. You've seen dad's game and know how much ammo he needs to get through the season. Shop Srixon at GolfBalls.com

The gift of pure contact: Lag Shot Golf

Lag Shot has become one of the hottest new training aids for average golfers looking for more "lag" in their swing, which is the secret ingredient for more distance. The Lag Shot features the length and loft of a 7-iron with a blue, whippy shaft that teaches golfers to get the hands ahead of the clubhead throughout the downswing. This sequencing delivers more powerful and more consistent, contact. Or as golf instructor Andrew Rice reports, "It improves your tempo, swing plane, lag, and impact position. A true 'all-in-one' high performance training club." Golfers can use it at the range, hitting actual shots, to get the feel. ($119)

Dialed-in ball flight: FlightScope's Mevo+ launch monitor

If your dad is ready to get serious about his game, while having a little fun, we've got a great way to save some cash and improve his scores. FlightScope is offering a Father's Day promo code for $200 off its popular Mevo+ launch monitor, which retails for $1,199. The portable unit is one of the more affordable launch monitor and golf simulators. It works indoors and outdoors to accurately track an array of data, while also giving players some entertainment with simulated golf courses and other gamification elements. Use the code "Dad21" at checkout at this website through June 20 to get the discount.  | More: Guide to Portable Launch Monitors

Summer reading: A Course Called America

Dads love peace and quiet and some books. One of the more anticipated golf books of 2021 is author Tom Coyne's third installment in his "A Course Called..." series. After Ireland and Scotland, he's home in the United States, and goes coast-to-coast experiencing the game in a wide mix of towns and courses. A Course Called America ($28.99) is just one of a handful of new golf books for 2021 that we've enjoyed. Click below to view our full summer reading list. | Watch Coyne talk golf in America on Golf Today

Get dad healthy with WHOOP

If you've heard dad muttering about energy or any nagging health issues, maybe you can help jumpstart his mood with the gift of WHOOP. This health wearable is a 24/7 physiological data tracker that provides access to daily analytics that even helps with your sleep schedule. WHOOP users report fewer injuries, less alcohol consumed before bed and a lower resting heart rate. For gifts you can select custom band styles and engravings. | Use promo code 'GOLF' for 20% off at Whoop.com

Feetures premium golf socks

Sock company Feetures has a relatively new golf lineup with targeted compression, anatomical design and wide variety of colors.

Dads have a knack for using their tube socks until they've fully disintegrated. A performance sock company that recently introduced a golf lineup, Feetures, designs Made-in-the-USA socks with a custom-like compression fit, performance socks that fit well and come in a wide variety of styles. They're very comfortable, snug in the rights and breathable in others, and the best part is they're built to last and have a lifetime guarantee. It'll be tough for dad to go back to the department store socks in a bag afterwards. (3-pack bundle of Feetures Golf Max NST: $43.20)

Precision Pro Golf R1 Smart Rangefinder

The Precision Pro Golf R1 Smart Rangefinder launched during the PGA Championship, where rangefinders were allowed for the first time.

The Precision Pro Golf's new R1 Smart Rangefinder is the most advanced model yet. Its MYSLOPE Technology allows the R1 to communicate not only accurate distances with the golf app on your phone, but readings adjusted for personal ball flight data, altitude, temperature, humidity, wind and elevation changes. Golfers don't need to constantly check their phones to use it. The data is relayed by Bluetooth technology from the phone to the unit's viewfinder. With the push of a button, yardages to the front, middle and back of the green are available. ($319)

Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart from Bag Boy

The BagBoy Auto Open Nitro Push Cart opens and closes with ease to store in your trunk or garage between rounds.

The mad rush on push carts continues more than a year after the golf boom of the pandemic kick-started a major supply shortage. The popular Nitron Auto-Open Push Cart by Bag Boy remains in high demand. If dad is ready to join the legion of golf walkers who can't/don't want to carry their bag, you won't find one that opens, closes and stores easier than the Nitron. $259.99

Portable pain relief: Myo Rykr Roll

Stuff the Myo Rykr Roll in your golf bag or carry-on suitcase for instant relief on the course or during travel.

Is dad one of those guys always complaining about a stiff neck or other area of the body? You can keep him quiet with a nifty little product that fits into a golf bag easily, the Myo Ryker roller. Its sturdy wood handle with a rolling metal ball is small enough to fit into any golf bag pocket. Simply use it to apply pressure to any stiff or problem areas around the body. It can improve blood flow and arthritis. It works much like a tiny, portable foam roller. ($19.99)

Swing Align Goal Post putting trainer

Solid contact is one of the foundations of good golf. But most golfers focus only on making quality contact on full shots, ignoring its value on the greens. Arguably, the rewards for flushing your putts may be larger and more immediate. That's the thought behind this new training aid, which can be affixed to most putter heads. Forward-facing bars at the putter's heel and toe form a runway that gives you just enough space to hit the ball flush without bumping it offline. Instant-feedback training aids like this can help golfers make tangible strides. If you send one of these to Dad, expect to give him fewer shots on the course the next time you tee it up together. Swing Align is currently promoting a 20% off Father's Day special on it's website with promo code 'v1dad2021' to receive $39.99 pricing.

TridentAlign ball marker system

Is Dad a linear putter? If so, he'll love this sleek combination line-drawing system and ball marker, which work together (and are USGA-compliant). A line plus a half-rectangle on the ball can be lined up with similar markings on the ball marker to instill extra confidence in a read. All that remains is to roll it and hole it. €26.99 (company based in Ireland)

The gift of smarter golf

Is dad a traditionalist still using a paper scorecard with fairways and putting statistics? It may be worth seeing if he's open to modernizing his game insights. Various app and device makers are now implementing the same, advanced strokes gained data the pros are using on Tour. There are several ways to introduce strokes gained to him depending on the devices he already has:

If dad has Apple Watch, get him a V1Game app subscription. It's the easiest way using Apple Watch and iPhone during the round to track shots and the V1Game app has a very robust dashboard. V1 Game is currently 20% off the $59.99 annual subscription June 14-30.| More: Learn about using advanced Strokes Gained stats for your own rounds

If dad is open to more equipment, the Cadillac of club-tracking and strokes gained data is Arccos. For $179 you get 14 club tags that will auto assign clubs to each shot, plus a free year of membership to the Arccos dashboard, by far the best out there for tracking your game. He may be blown away by the advanced insights and learn what parts of his game need the most work. | ArccosGolf.com

If dad has a Garmin watch with shot-tracking on it like the Approach s62 or s42, get him a CT10 starter pack. For $99 you can put these on your wedges and putter to get more shots tracked on and around the greens, which will improve the accuracy of your Garmin Golf app insights. | Review: Garmin's new s62

Golf escape with dad

Is dad all set on products? Go with a golf package instead! Travel is back across the United States, so you'll want to plan well in advance if you want to book a 2021 golf trip. Here are five particularly good golf packages great for excellent golf and a family getaway:

Dad-approved golf packages coast-to-coast

GolfPass members save $100 on golf packages valued over $1,000.
Golf Packages
BREWSTER, WA | Enjoy 3 nights' accommodations at The Inn at Gamble Sands and 3 rounds of golf at Gamble Sands - Sands Course and the new QuickSands Short Course.
Golf Packages
FROM $487 (USD)

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