5 biggest golf fashion statements in 2020

What golfers wear from head (hoodies) to toe (black socks) made headlines this year.
Bryson DeChambeau parlayed his all-out power game into a U.S. Open championship win at Winged Foot Golf Club.

For better or worse, golf fashion never changes.

A polo and slacks or shorts.

It's that simple. If you want to branch out from there, do so at your own risk. Either you're paid a lot of money to wear something else - like John Daly's Loudmouth attire - or it's an innate need to attract attention that compels you to wear something offbeat to the club. Peacocking, they call it.

This year golf did actually see some interesting trends in fashion make headlines. A few even have a chance for some staying power. Please, oh, please, just not no. 1.

  1. Golf Masks
    A Lim Kim of Korea plays a shot on the 10th hole during the final round of the 75th U.S. Women's Open.

    The last major champion of the year was very 2020: an obscure player wearing a mask in her first major championship start. At least it was dramatic. A Lim Kim, 25, closed with three consecutive birdies to win the 75th U.S. Women's Open at Champions Golf Club outside Houston by one stroke over Amy Olson, an American who was the sentimental favorite.

    Playing in a mask can't be any fun. Hopefully, she is the first and last tour pro to win wearing one.

  2. Return of the Mock Tee
    Tiger Woods bore us back into the past at the 2019 Masters.

    Tiger Woods winning the 2019 Masters not only turned back the clock on his game but his fashion statements, too. He wore his signature Nike "Mock Tee" that won him dozens of tournaments in his prime. In 2020, you probably saw a few more on the golf course during the pandemic boom. Nike made slight tweaks to the design earlier this year, according to Golfposer.com, for their return to the limelight. I wish I would have kept my original. Fashion always comes full circle.

  3. Bryson's cap
    Few golfers get people debating the game like Bryson DeChambeau.

    Bryson DeChambeau has been at the center of the golf universe ever since he bulked up and started hitting bombs. That spotlight has shined a light on his unique style as well as his game. His signature Puma cap, a tribute to Ben Hogan, has been his look since he was 13 years old, according to Golf Digest. The Tour Driver Golf Cap retails for $40, but sometimes goes on sale for $25 at Cobragolf.com.

  4. Black socks blowback

    I know what it's like to walk into a private club as a guest and feel like an ostracized outsider.

    Ewan Porter, an Australian golf broadcaster who served as the guest host of two Golf Advisor Round Trip episodes "Down Under," got into a fashion kerfuffle on Twitter after exposing a Sydney private club that wouldn't let him play unless he changed out of his black socks. The thread of comments is worth the read. Good on him for fighting back against golf's archaic ways. The game needs fewer stuffy clubs.

  5. The Hoodie
    Tyrrell Hatton of England wearing his hoodie and holding the winners trophy after the final round of the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Golf Club on October 11, 2020.

    Tyrrell Hatton set the golf media ablaze by winning the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth in a hoodie. Sporting such a casual look at one of the most exclusive clubs in Europe wasn't lost on anybody.

    “It’s crazy the amount of people that obviously don’t agree with it. If it looks smart and you’re comfortable to play in it, then I really don’t see what the issue is," he told GolfChannel.com at the CJ Cup in Las Vegas. "And it's funny, I reckon half the guys, if they put that hoodie on and swung a golf club, they'd love it. They'll realize how nice it is and how easy it is to swing in it. It's not like your standard casual fashion hoodie - they're the ones that are really soft, very stretchy, so movement is not an issue." 

Jason Scott Deegan has reviewed more than 1,000 courses and golf destinations for some of the industry's biggest publications. His work has been honored by the Golf Writer's Association of America and the Michigan Press Association. Follow him on Instagram at @jasondeegangolfadvisor and Twitter at @WorldGolfer.
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What's next, having 6 inches of your boxers showing above your beltline.

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The Hoodie. If you are in GB you NEED a Hoodie.
Black socks. The color of socks should not be a discussion item.
Hogan cap. I like them. Generally try to wear a wide brim for sun protection. I like the Ahead Gambler!
Love the mock Tee.
Hate the mask.

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