This wedding artifact is a Cool Golf Thing

Do I take this divot? I do.
Love and golf came together in a wonderful way recently.

People have known me as a golf nut since long before I worked in the industry - my wife, Kara, most of all (our wedding was last Saturday). She's known for years just how big a part of my life golf is, and she loves me nevertheless.

How do I know? I actually turned down a couple of her kind suggestions and offers to incorporate golf into our nuptials - a golf-themed groom's cake or wedding cake topper, for example. The way I saw it, everybody who knows me already knows how into golf I am, so having decorative reminders of it at the wedding just felt a little strange and almost redundant.

Still, there was one golf-wedding crossover that I was happy to oblige: a photo Kara surreptitiously took of me one evening early in our engagement while she sat by as I hit a quick basket of range balls as an interlude during an afternoon out running errands. She captured her ring in the foreground, with my fuzzy silhouette following through a few yards away (shoutout to Sandridge Golf Club for putting comfy Adirondack chairs on the back of the range tee). It was too perfect not to use for our Save The Date notice. I love the photo, but I love the one who took it far more.

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February 7, 2020
Don't putt for money against this monstrosity.

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Congratulations. My future wife and I played golf on our first date and on our 50th Anniversary weekend (walking and carrying on both). Playing many of the top courses in the US and abroad has been a wonderful experience in our 55 years together. Hope your wife to be will be a golf enthusiast.

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Thanks for the well-wishes, Richard. She's not gotten the golf bug as yet, but hope springs eternal. I'm very lucky that she fully understands what golf means to me, either way.

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This wedding artifact is a Cool Golf Thing