This celebration of a golf movie classic is a Cool Golf Thing

Channel your inner Roy McAvoy.
In honor of "Tin Cup" turning 25, why not play like main character Roy McAvoy?

I know I'm in the minority here, but my favorite golf movie is not Caddyshack, but Tin Cup. Don't get me wrong - I very much enjoy the Rodney Dangerfield- and Bill Murray-led romp through Bushwood Country Club, but between the real-life pro-golf cameos and Kevin Costner's burned-out cool portrayal of Roy McAvoy, it gets the nod from me by a hair.

The golfy rom-com premiered 25 years ago this week, and its cachet in the culture of golf has led to a few appropriate homages. One I very much appreciate, and in which I would certainly participate were I not a couple thousand miles away, is the Tin Cup Championship, coming up September 5 at Flatirons Golf Course in Boulder, Colorado. There is no better type of venue for such an occasion than a beloved muni.

Flatirons Golf Course is named after the mountains that tower over Boulder, Colorado.

The format of the tournament takes its inspiration from the best scene in the first half of the movie, when Costner's bull-headed McAvoy and caddie Romeo (Cheech Marin) get into a tiff on a tee box during U.S. Open qualifying. Each prideful man breaks a handful of clubs, leaving McAvoy to finish out the round with just his 7-iron. Thus, the Tin Cup Championship is a nine-hole, one-club affair, though pool-cue-style putting is allowed. Instead of the affections of Rene Russo, the winner receives pro shop credit.

March 22, 2019
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This celebration of a golf movie classic is a Cool Golf Thing