2021 stay-cool golf guide: beat the heat on the course with these 12 products

Summer heat is no joke, even in northerly climates. Consider these items to keep you comfortable.
More golfers are walking and using push and pull carts, like these Competitors in a 2021 girls' golf tournament in Massachusetts.

If it's hot outside, you can't just go play golf on a whim. You have to prepare.

I live in Florida, meaning I do battle with that enormous fireball every time I leave the house and go to the course this time of year. It's important to dress correctly and bring supplies to counteract the sun's often oppressive hold on the state this time of year.

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Jüve Pops

Ice pops are a welcome treat on a hot day, but what if they could deliver more than just a cool sensation and a bunch of sugar? Jüve Pops, available in seven flavors, bring electrolytes, potassium and a fleet of vitamins as well as some fruity sweetness, making them a potentially potent mid-round boost if you pack a couple in a well-insulated cooler and toss it in your golf cart. ($4.99 in stores/$30 for a three-box variety pack online)

Hat Saver sweat- and water-repellent spray

Rather than an absorbent barrier on the inside of your hat, Hat Saver is meant to be sprayed lightly on the outside of the hat where sweat stains tend to show up: the spot where bucket and bill meet. A couple light applications, plus 15 minutes or so to dry, are the prescription for combating unsightly sweat stains with this product. ($11.98)

EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

This isn't golf-specific, but since few golf course parking lots offer sufficient shade and a round takes plenty of time for the interior of your car to get scorched, a decent sun shade is a must for golfers in warm summer climates. This one has great reviews on Amazon and costs less than $20. ($13.96-$17.96)

NoSweat disposable hat liner

Ever break out a brand-new golf hat on a warm day, only to ruin it with sweat stains after just one or two rounds? NoSweat makes disposable liners that stick across the front of any hat in order to sop up your perspiration. ($14.99/6-pack)

Uther Golf Supply towels

Pronounced the same as "other," this direct-to-consumer company has been making absorbent and quick-drying microfiber golf towels since 2016. These towels announce themselves boldly, coming in a wild range of prints and styles. The "Flamingo Lake" cart towel they sent me a few weeks ago is one of their more subdued designs. You can get towels with the iconic 1990s mall cup pattern, dancing televisions or animated breakfast foods printed on them, too. (Cart towels: $25.00 | Tour towels: $30.00)

Matador NanoDry Packable Towels

This outdoorsy travel company doesn't pitch its products specifically to golfers, but perhaps it should. Its packable nanofiber towels are primarily marketed toward hikers as lightweight, quick-drying and highly absorbent. Sounds useful for a golfer on a warm day as well, doesn't it? Matador recently sent me one of their large 47" x 24" Shower Towel and a smaller, 15" x 15" Trek Towel; I found them to be solid potential add-ons to the bag due to their almost shockingly light weight. They perform similarly to their thicker microfiber counterparts, too. (Shower towel: $34.99 | Trek Towel: $14.99)

PING Greenskeeper Hat

Bucket hats of all shapes and sizes are as popular among golfers as they've been in decades. PING makes a particularly eye-catching one that is made of straw and has a huge brim for maximum sun protection. This might be more suited to caddying or attending a PGA Tour event this season, but if you can swing a club with it on, why not? ($35.95 at GolfBalls.com)

Tommy John underwear

For several years, I've sworn by Tommy John boxer briefs. Though pricy, I find them to be worth every penny for reasons of both comfort and durability. You can get inexpensive all-cotton pairs at the Nordstrom Racks and Saks Off 5ths of the world, but I've noticed they do not hold up as well as the company's main line. My pick for golf: the Air collection, though you can't go wrong with their other offerings. ($24.00-$42.00)

Bag Boy 3-in-1 cart fan

The Bag Boy 3-in-1 cart fan can attach to your push cart.

Walking the course never felt so refreshing. With a battery life of five hours, this 3-speed adjustable fan will keep you cool when the heat rises. It can mount to your Bag Boy pushcart (we prefer the Nitron), offering an on-off water misting spray option, as well as the cooling breeze of the fan. It includes a rechargeable, detachable power bank for charging USB devices. ($49.95)

Titleist Carry Bag

Walking bags, pencil bags, "Sunday bags" - whatever you call them, these stripped-down sacks big enough for your clubs plus the other bare essentials can significantly lighten your burden on the course, which can be a godsend on a steamy day if you're on foot. I've had one of Titleist's slim bags for more than a decade and have trotted it out for several 9-hole walks here in Florida. ($99.95 at GolfBalls.com)

True Linkswear True Knit II golf shoes

This Pacific Northwest-based company has developed a cult following over the years that adores their fashionable, affordable on-course kicks. The company makes waterproof shoes worthy of iffy weather at nearby Bandon Dunes, but they also make lightweight, breatheable knits with golf-minded treads for warm, dry rounds. The soft but snug fit and comfy material makes the case for playing golf without socks. ($140.00)

Galway Bay All-Weather Short-Sleeve Rain Jacket

Full coverage is usually the priority for rain gear, but many times, being completely protected from moisture outside just causes you to sweat underneath your waterproofs. If you're in a warmer climate and getting rained on, full long sleeves can work against you, which is where Galway Bay's new short-sleeve jacket comes in handy. Freshly upgraded for 2021, it is available on an introductory basis for $20 less than its eventual MSRP. ($229; will rise to $249)

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2021 stay-cool golf guide: beat the heat on the course with these 12 products