Save up to 58% on Amazon Prime Day golf deals for October 2022

A bonus day of discounts on the e-commerce mega-platform reveals several savings opportunities for golfers

Consumers salivate over sales.

Golfers, especially. The game is a pricy hobby, especially when it rises to the level of obsession. Except at outlets or on the second-hand market, serious savings can be hard to come by.

Amazon Prime Day typically comes but once a year, in the summer, but 2022 brings a second one on the horizon, "Prime Early Access," from Tuesday, October 11 through Wednesday, the 12th. That means discounts on thousand of products available through for its paying Prime members.

If you're looking to gear up for the fall or get some early holiday shopping done for your favorite golfer, here are half a dozen ideas we've uncovered.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

Rapsodo is one of the leaders in the growing personal launch monitor market. It offers a relatively low-cost alternative to the $20,000-plus TrackMan and ForeSight machines pros bring with them to tournaments. It provides solid statistics like distance, swing and ball speed and other data points to golfers looking to track their progress as they become stronger, and it interfaces well with iOS devices. Normally costing $499.99, it will be $100 off for the latest Prime Day festivities for those who order directly through Likewise, Rapsodo's annual subscription service, which provides MLM owners with other benefits, including the new Combines feature, will be $20 off through October 21 when purchased at Rapsodo's website.

Putt-a-Bout golf putting mat

If you're a golfer and you've got the floorspace you really should have some sort of putting mat in your house. This one has nearly 1,500 ratings, measures 36 inches wide and 11 feet long and can currently be had for about $42, more than 55% off its normal price of $95. It also comes with two movable target cups.

Pelz Golf Putting Tutor

Dave Pelz is one of the most important teachers of the short game - putting especially - in modern golf. He traded in a career with NASA for one in golf, and he helped usher in the focus on statistics and physics that drives the training of many elite players. His Putting Tutor is a classic aid to help golfers understand their stroke tendencies, and it's available for 30% off its normal price, currently selling for $35, down from $50.

UVBrite self-cleaning UV water bottle

This isn't a golf-specific product, but all golfers - especially those who like to walk - need a good water bottle that keeps liquids cold and slips nicely into a golf bag. This bottle, with a 4-star average across more than 400 ratings - is even equipped with an inward-shining UV light in the cap that keeps bacteria from building up on the notoriously tough-to-clean interior of these metal bottles. Depending on which exterior color you choose, you can save 58%, paying just $17 instead of $40.

CaddyTek Caddylite quad-fold golf push cart

Golf's recent surge has brought a lot of walking enthusiasts into the game, even causing temporary shortages in push carts This one from CaddyTek normally retails for about $180, but is available for $154 as of press time. With more than 660 ratings, Amazon customers seem very satisfied.

Cobra Golf 2022 Ultralight Pro Stand Bag

Golf bag prices seem to be creeping past $200 for anything decent lately, which makes this deal on Cobra's latest, weighing in at a feathery 4 pounds, particularly attractive. It normaly retails for $225, but you can score one for as little as $163 - 28% off - on Amazon right now.

More deals are expected to post between now and the beginning of the main sale, which kicks off Tuesday, October 11. To track the deals on golf products and more, keep an eye on this link.

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Save up to 58% on Amazon Prime Day golf deals for October 2022