An alternative to the ordinary golf gloves in the pro shop

Asher golf is not shy with their glove colors and prints.

Gloves are one of those items a golfer usually buys when needed. I'm typically minutes from my next tee time and decide the growing hole in my current one has hit a tipping point and begrudginly buy a new one. I'll spend all of 30 seconds trying one on to make sure the fit is right and then add it to my green fee purchase.

I can't say it's ever money I'm eager to spend. But I also don't want to go gloveless.

Before you buy your next glove like me and the masses, keep in mind there are new options out there than what you see conveniently behind the counter. For example, I recently tried out some gloves from the new Asher Golf company. Like a lot of newer, upstart brands in golf today, you probably won't find them in a golf course pro shop or a brick-and-mortar retailer. They make men's and women's gloves (as well as other accessories) and provide a wide variety of styles, some very playful, and are regularly releasing new styles.

"Asher was born with a desire to provide the golf world something it lacked: a high-quality glove with a little flavor and awesomeness."
- Asher Golf

It is true that for the nearly thirty years I've been playing golf, glove styles really haven't changed and the same stalwart brands have been in the pro shop with little disruption. With fashion in golf exploding due in part to independent brands willing to push the envelope with new styles and direct-to-consumer business models, the golf glove can now be as much a part of the outfit as something that resides in a pocket of the golf bag.

Asher glove display at the 2020 PGA Show in Orlando

As someone with more muted fashion sensibilities, the whimsical nature of a lot of Asher's glove colors and prints are a bit "off-brand" for me. But I am happy to endorse their line because their substance matches their style. They have quite simply lasted longer than my previous gloves from the major brands. While I love the softness and fit of the Titleist gloves that seem to have a tight grip on the pro shop glove market, I was growing tiresome of how quickly they'd get holes in them, sometimes after just three or four rounds.

What should be the standard "warranty" for a glove really be? A full season would be nice, but getting holes in gloves after just a couple rounds doesn't seem fair.

By comparison, I've been playing with my Asher glove since the fall - at least a dozen or so rounds - and there are no rips or holes in the palm or thumb, which are the areas which for me they typically show up first. Asher isn't as baby-bottom soft as Titleist but the fit and materials hold up. Asher uses AAA-grade cabretta leather and the craftsmanship lives up to the design. So it's good to know that spending $24 for their premium glove will get you one that is not only unique but, in my experience so far, long-lasting.

Asher Camo Black model

What glove style is right for you? My "gateway" model of choice was a camo black (above). Unless you're looking at it close up, it appears like it's just a solid black glove. But I thought the Glacier Stripe model from their fall line was really sharp - a classy off-white base color with red and yellow contrast stripes on the wrist. You want to jump on any styles you like because once seasonal offerings like Glacier Stripe sell out, they are gone for good.

NBA fans: Asher makes team-logoed gloves - not my beloved Detroit Pistons, sadly - from the Lakers to Rockets to Warriors.

Are you hip to amp up your glove game a little bit? Asher Golf ships free for orders of $49 or more. They also sell a Chuck Collection glove for $12 in both men's and women's. Browse the collections here.

We'd love to hear about which golf glove brands have been lasting for you. Let us know in the comments below!

Alexandra O'Laughlin visits with Asher Golf's Matt Smart at 2018 PGA Merchandise Show

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HIaaa !!! fr th Univ. of Notre Dame area USA !!! Thank-You !!!

I'm lucky I won't have to buy any new gloves for sometime. I just looked in my golf closet & wasn't surprised to find 11 brand new in the package gloves. They include 3 Wilson Deep Red, 2 Wilson Grip Soft, 2 FootJoy SofJoy, 1 FootJoy Weathersof GTX, 2 FootJoy Weathersof and 1 Mizuno glove. I only buy gloves when they're on sale.

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An alternative to the ordinary golf gloves in the pro shop