ECCO's new waterproof shoe feels good on the foot and the mind

One less thing to worry about.

It's happened to practically every avid golfer.

What an apparel brand deems "waterproof" ends up falling short of any sane consumer's definition, with uncomfortable results.

That's why it's nice when a brand follows through on the waterproof claim. ECCO's new Biom Cool Pro is a waterproof golf shoe, and a comfortable, versatile one at that.

Ever since they popularized the spikeless golf shoe (thanks in large part to Fred Couples' long-time affinity for them), ECCO has been able to carve out some solid market share among golfers who have come to appreciate the Danish brand's style and reputation for high quality.

In addition to a spikeless sole that manages to feel stable, the Biom Cool Pro brings together two elements that make it a substantial, all-weather shoe. Associated with many of the brand's models for several years now, "Biom" refers to the particular last, or general mold from which this class of shoe is made. Biom is a shape that features not just in ECCO's golf shoes, but across its range, particularly in hiking and running shoes. The company asserts that their Biom technology promotes more natural motion of the foot within the shoe, which in turn means more efficient movement. I have had a few different pairs of ECCO shoes of this construction, and as someone with a wide foot, I appreciate how the heel of ECCO shoes is a bit more on the snug side, while the toe area is a bit more relaxed.

The second operative word in this particular shoe model - "cool" - is the most important one, especially for golfers as they justify the shoe's more than middling cost of $230 per pair. Yes, there are plenty of golf shoes out there in the $100 neighborhood that tout "water resistance" or even outright waterproof construction, but this is more wishful thinking than actual technology. The Biom Cool Pro uses GORE-TEX, which is rightly associated with no-doubt-about-it waterproof clothing and footwear, to protect the middle of the foot from water. After a few rounds in soggy conditions, I have been impressed with how this shoe delivers. I have found that pairing the shoe with a pair of good wool socks, like those from Kentwool, compounds the pleasant comfort and dryness.

Speaking of dryness, while GORE-TEX's sturdy membrane tends to lock in moisture as well as it keeps it away, the Biom Cool Pro compensates with what ECCO calls a TPU Exhaust Grid: basically angled holes drilled in the sole that promote a bit of airflow around the sole of your foot. This also reduces the weight of the shoe.

The ECCO Biom Cool Pro comes in three different colors: a cream-like White, a greyish Concrete and Black. For more information, here's a link to their page on the ECCO website.

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ECCO's new waterproof shoe feels good on the foot and the mind