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The town of Petoskey is one of the best destinations in Northern Michigan for both golfers and tourists alike. It's a historic town that sits on the shores of Little Traverse Bay and anchors the nearby towns of Charlevoix and Harbor Springs. It's world-famous for the "Petoskey Stone," a highly coveted type of rock found off its shores. Golfers have all sorts of hidden gems to explore as well. Boyne Highlands Resort in Harbor Springs features four 18-hole courses, while closer to Charlevoix, the newer Bay Harbor Golf Club and Inn at Bay Harbor combine for one of the MIdwest's most luxurious and spectacular stay-and-plays. There are many other lesser-known courses like historic Belvedere Golf Club (boyhood playground of Tom Watson), Dunmaglas and Little Traverse Bay. As far as summer destinations go that combine beaches, lakes and great golf, it's tough to beat the Petoskey area.

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