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Hikes are fine, but a better way to exercise and enjoy the mountain scenery of Colorado Springs is to play golf. In a city dubbed the "Newport of the Rockies" there are scenic golf courses at all prices. While rates at Broadmoor Golf Club, the top public course in Colorado, top out north of $200, at nearby Cheyenne Shadows, on the grounds of Fort Carson, a prime-time round can be had for a small fraction of that.

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  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Founded in 1918, The Broadmoor is one of the west's great golf hotels and among the Historic Hotels of America. It is located in Colorado Springs, about an hour's drive south of Denver and along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. This expansive property was laid out by the Olmsted Brothers and features gardens, ponds, multiple buildings…
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Located in Colorado Springs just over an hour's drive south of Denver is the Cheyenne Mountain Colorado Springs, a Dolce Resort. This 217-acre property features 321 guest rooms and suites and is part of the Country Club of Colorado Springs, which is home to an 18-hole golf course, tennis, fitness center and Alluvia Spa. Standard guest rooms are…
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Garden of the Gods is a wellness and golf resort in Colorado Springs. The resort was founded in 1951 and is locally owned and operated and underwent an expansion project in 2017. With just 116 accommodation units spanning from spacious suites to cottages and casitas, it is smaller in scale compared to Cheyenne Mountain and The Broadmoor. But…

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