February photos of the month

Best pics submitted from our community of golf course reviewers

February - usually the heart of darkness in winter - has been tough on most golfers.

No matter where you live, the days are shorter and probably gloomier. Only the luckiest of courses in Arizona or Florida are in prime shape.

Rains and cold have plagued California. The snow has been unexpectedly thick in the Pacific Northwest, and the Sonoran desert around Scottsdale got quite a recent dusting. The Midwest has been battling the unholy trinity of snow, cold and ice. Despite all the obstacles Mother Nature has thrown at us, golfers are a resilient bunch. If we find a few hours of 50-degree weather, we will find a place to play.

Once again, our users have sent us unique photos from all over - California, Texas, Mexico, Scotland and more. The one interesting trend we noticed was an uptick in alligator photos! Unfortunately, all of them were too blurry to share, presumably because the photographer was too nervous about getting too close for a good photo. Maybe next time.

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February photos of the month