Greenkeeper's Revenge is a Cool Golf Thing

As if golf wasn't already tough enough...
What happens to this ball in the seconds after this image recently became the stuff of viral golf legend.

The funniest golf video you will see this week’s comes from the annual Ironman scramble tournament at Gilbert Plains Country Club, four hours northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:


“THERE’S NO CHANCE” ##knggolf

♬ original sound - knggolf

It's not even the first viral video in event history. This happened in last year's Ironman:

The Ironman is Gilbert Plains’ version of a Greenkeeper’s Revenge event. You may know it as “Superintendent’s Revenge” or “Tough Day,” but the concept is the same. Around this time of year, many cool-climate courses will celebrate the close of the season in a way that is almost poetically perfectly suited to golf: by making the game even tougher, ad absurdum.

The backstory holds that by this time of year, the folks who care for golf courses have had enough of golfers forgetting to fix ball marks, leaving divots unfilled and driving their carts too close to tees and greens. To punish golfers for their sins, they move tees to strange spots and cut holes in nightmarish locations, often on slopes or at precipitous edges of greens, as at the now-famous 16th at Gilbert Plains.

The source of both videos: KNG Golf, a Manitoba-based leather headcover and accessories brand run by brothers Joran and Regan Hedley. Even though their Ironman team achieved viral fame for missing a putt, there is a happy ending to the story, thanks to the beverage cart girl, who caught this on camera mere seconds later:

I have never had the pleasure of playing in a Greenkeeper’s Revenge round. You can bet I’ll be looking to remedy that soon, though the Hedleys and friends have set an intimidatingly high bar for the amount of fun that can be had.

Have you participated in a Greenkeeper’s Revenge day? Tell us your favorite stories in the comments below!

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January 3, 2020
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I used to play this public course in Texas and the greenskeeper didn't like that starter would let the early birds like myself start at sun up. For revenge, the 3rd tee box sprinkler system came on just in time to keep you from hitting your drive. The dubious timing of the sprinkler caused you to scramble and scamper around the water to quickly get off your drive.

It was never confirmed that the greenskeeper wasn't watching the 3rd tee box from a remote location but it was highly suspected.

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Greenkeeper's Revenge is a Cool Golf Thing