Why ECCO Makes the Perfect Summer Golf Shoes

You know how people say, "The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot"?

Well, that's not exactly true.

There's another piece of golf equipment you use on every shot and in between.

I'm talking, of course, about your golf shoes, and if you haven't "upgraded" in a while, you're essentially still playing with persimmon.

It may not seem possible, but your feet do not have to excessively sweat and/or hurt during and after playing golf.

I realized that only recently, when I converted to ECCO -- the ideal summer golf shoe.

ECCOs are by far the most comfortable golf shoes I've ever owned, due in part to their lightweight, breathable fabrics that make them perfect for summertime golf.

And here are three more reasons...

#1: Casual or Traditional? ECCO's Got You Covered

ECCO really burst onto the scene as an up-and-coming golf shoe company in 2010, when Fred Couples wore a pair en route to a top-10 finish at the Masters.

The pair he wore were forerunners to today's Speed Hybrid and Casual Hybrid models, and helped set off the massive surge in popularity of more casual-looking golf shoes.

In addition to the look of the upper part of the shoe, ECCO blazed a new path with the construction of the soles of those early casual golf shoes.

They did away with the traditional replaceable spikes and replaced them with a grid of more than 100 permanent "traction bars," which provide more than 800 points of contact with the ground.

As a result, ECCO has turned skeptics into believers in the efficacy of this new "hybrid golf shoe technology, and is now known as a premier golf shoe brand.

Of ECCO's hybrid styles, I like my trusty Speed Hybrids best. They have that casual, sneaker-like look while still looking smart and supplying all the water-repellence and 36-hole walkability that one could want.


But if you want a more "traditional" golf shoe but wants something comfortable, durable and contemporary, you'll still be able to leverage ECCO's great mix of comfort and solid construction.

Their CAGE EVO model is the ultimate cleated summer golf shoe, exchanging a leather upper portion for a lighter, more breathable synthetic material.

Their one-piece stability "cage" wraps around the heel and over the middle part of the foot to provide stability without sacrificing total comfort. It's a nifty, subtle piece of technology that really works, especially for someone who wants to play a lot of golf.


#2: You May Never Want to Take Them Off

I recently got a pair of ECCO's new Speed Hybrid golf shoes, and I swear to you, not only are they the most comfortable pairs of golf shoes I've ever worn, they might be my most comfortable shoes of any kind (sandals notwithstanding).

See, I have a wide foot, which means that I have historically had to buy golf shoes that were at least a size too big for me in order to have some measure of minimal comfort.

But ECCOs, which use the European sizing system (e.g., I'm a 9 Wide in American, but I'm a 43 in ECCOs), are constructed differently.

Whereas most shoes tend to hug the middle of your foot and toes while remaining a little looser around your heel, ECCOs are the exact opposite. I always had trouble finding shoes that fit until I tried on my Speed Hybrids.

My ECCOs are snug - but still comfy - in the heel, and more generous throughout the rest of the shoe, which means my foot doesn't feel like it's in a straightjacket all day.

Whereas other golf shoes feel like they're tearing my feet apart after just nine or 18 holes, ECCOs never feel like they're revolting against me. As a result, I've happily walked 36 in a day in them with no issues. Heck, I've even worn them out to dinner afterward.

Yeah, they're that comfortable.

#3: Free 2nd-Day Air Shipping with Promo Code eccogvi16

Just select "Two-Day Air" from the shipping categories and enter the promo code "eccogvi16" before checkout. What is normally a $22.99 upcharge will be included for free.

Bottom line: ECCO is making some of the absolute best golf shoes in the world. And since you deserve the best, why not get yourselfd a pair. Just don't be alarmed if you never want to take them off.

Click here to check out the ECCO Golf Speed Hybrid series.

Click here to check out the ECCO Golf CAGE EVO series.

Tim Gavrich is a Senior Writer for GolfPass. Follow him on Twitter @TimGavrich and on Instagram @TimGavrich.
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I know you speed 400 on a driver but 180 for a pair of shoes, I;ll wait for a sale.

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There are; simply go to the ECCO site and any women's golf shoes you order will be eligible for our free two-day air shipping code as well!

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So, there no women's golf shoes available?

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I'm the opposite. I have a narrow foot. B/C. Do you have a solution?

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I have a wide foot D and a high arch and like a soft spongy walk. Can I get this in your shoe?

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I love my Yak Ecco golf shoes.
It's like golfing in a pair of slippers.
Wonderful in hot conditions.
No sweat!!

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Why ECCO Makes the Perfect Summer Golf Shoes