2020 Father's Day golf gift guide: treat Dad right this year

He probably helped you fall in love with the game. Show your gratitude with something thoughtful.
From socks to speakers and beyond, there are tons of interesting potential Father's Day golf gifts on offer this year.

Father's Day is June 21st this year, and that later-than-normal date means you really have no excuse not to buy something nice for Dad, especially if he introduced you to golf.

No matter your budget, gift options abound. In order to hone in on something in your price range, I've broken this guide out into price tiers. And even if you want to get into three figures for your gift, don't sleep on the products in the under $25 and Up to $50 tiers. A multi-gift golf-themed care package might delight dad even more than a single item.

Father's Day golf gifts under $25

Is Dad a reader? Two niche golf publications continue to produce interesting and sometimes surprising writing about this great game. I bought the most recent issue of McKellar ($14) and found several worthwhile items within, including an essay on famous photographer Ansel Adams' early adventures in golf image-making. It's nice to put the computer or phone aside and spend a few minutes thumbing through some pages. Beefier and glossier, The Golfer's Journal (Issue No. 12: $20) is another good option.

Swiftwick's Pursuit Zero socks consist of 66% merino wool.

Call me crazy, but I think nice socks make a perfect modest-budget golf gift. Most people are used to paying next to nothing for crummy socks that are fine for lounging around the house. But quality golf socks make enough of a difference to justify the relatively but not absolutely high price tag. Swiftwick makes several models of sock that, per the company's name, are meant to usher moisture away from the feet during activity, including golf. I personally like their 66% merino wool Pursuit Zero socks ($16.99 per pair) for their soft, dry feel.

Father's Day traditionally coincides with U.S. Open Sunday, although the coronavirus pandemic has forced the event to September. But if you want to remind Dad of the times you've watched the action together, the USGA's shop is full of items of all types. This 2020 U.S. Open flag ($19.99) is a handsome wall-hanging.

It may not be flashy, but Dad will think of you often as he cleans his golf clubs using Cayce's caddy towel.

Has Dad had the same crusty, unwashed golf towel clipped to his bag for the last 15 years since he got it at a charity scramble? It might be time to upgrade him to something that a) looks good and b) cleans his clubs effectively. Per a chorus of positive reviews on their site, Cayce's striped caddy towel ($24.99) does the trick on both accounts.

Up to $50

Cut Golf's DC model golf ball is a rare four-piece golf ball for under $30.

Some might argue golf balls are an uninspired gift, but with so many new manufacturers popping up in recent years and offering high-quality balls at seriously attractive prices, it might represent an opportunity to save Dad money in the long run if he finds less-expensive ammunition to his liking. Cut Golf's aggressive pricing makes their four-piece, top-of-the-line DC (stands for "Dual Core") ball ($26.95 per dozen after entering 'GOLFADVISOR10' at checkout) one of the most affordable on the market.

Pebble Beach is just one of many golf courses Lie + Loft sells prints of.

Lie + Loft has emerged as a wonderful purveyor of golf art, from their minimalistic, affordable golf course map prints to original works. Courses include many bucket-list picks, so you could remind Dad of his once-in-a-lifetime trip to Pebble Beach with a 10" x 8" print of it ($29.99). Larger sizes are available, too.

Zero Friction's Compression Fit glove comes in a striking blue, but more traditional colors are also available.

I'm not a golf glove guy, but I know I'm in the minority. One thing that always frustrated me about gloves was that they never seemed to fit my hand. But Zero Friction has tackled this issue with their Compression Fit golf gloves ($44 for four gloves), which are comfortable, affordable and stylish, if you want to go for a color like blue over the more standard white, black and silver.

An organized golfer is a calm golfer, and a calm golfer tends to play better. This golf trunk organizer ($45) from Jef World Of Golf has great reviews on Amazon and comes in at a sweet-spot price.

Up to $100

PUMA's Ignite golf shoe will likely add a jolt of style to Dad's golf wardrobe without making him look out-of-place.

PUMA's traditional orientation has been toward a somewhat younger demographic, but lately they've been making products that look and feel good on everyone, in large part because they have so many color offerings, from the standard to the aggressive, even beyond Rickie Fowler's signature Oklahoma State orange. Their Jackpot shorts ($65) are well-regarded, and their Cloudspun line of tops ($65-$75) put an emphasis on comfort. Puma's golf shoes are gaining in popularity, too, and their Ignite NXT Laced shoes are well priced at $99, giving Dad some sartorial style without breaking the bank.

Golden Soul's upscale headcover line extends to mallet putter covers. This is their "Birdies" pattern.

Upscale headcovers are becoming popular gifts no matter the time of year, and several companies have stepped up to create attractive versions of arguably golf's hottest accessory. Florida-based Golden Soul sources materials from South America to make driver, fairway wood and putter covers. If Dad favors a mallet putter, this Birdies putter cover ($70) might give his golf bag a welcome pop of color.

Dunning's shorts are known as some of golf's best and most versatile.

If Dad's tastes run a little more toward simpler looks, Dunning might be up his alley. Their shorts ($79-$89) are available in a wide range of colors and they supply enough stretch to feel comfortable on the course while still looking good at home or at dinner.

Over $100

Golfers are back on the golf course with renewed enthusiasm, and that means cautious optimism is building about travel as resorts reopen nationwide. If you and Dad are feeling up to it, why not celebrate a return to golf with a trip together? Our Packages department can help you coordinate a getaway.

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John DeCastro of Bushnell Golf talks new rangefinder technology, music capabilities

Listening to music on the golf course is not just for Millennials. Go to any course and you'll hear plenty of classic rock emanating from golf cart-mounted speakers and their Baby Boomer owners. Believe it or not, one of the best such devices comes from rangefinder maker Bushnell, whose new Wingman speaker ($149) not only plays high-quality audio via Bluetooth connection, but it also has a magnet that'll stick it to a golf cart support bar and built-in GPS tech to tell Dad how far he is from the green while Don Henley croons about the new kid in town.

Limited to 200 pairs, Royal Albartross' Driver 63 shoes commemorate the Masters.

Does Dad like special-edition duds? London-based Royal Albartross has a limited color of its popular Driver golf shoe in green ($249), which should be especially attractive to someone keen to commemorate the unusual fall Masters date for 2020.

OGIO's Convoy SE Stand Bag cuts a confident silhouette.

Callaway-owned OGIO continues to make durable golf bags, luggage and accessories with an outdoorsy sensability (if Bear Grylls was a golfer, this might be his brand of choice), and their Convoy SE Stand Bag 14 ($249) continues in that tradition, with 11 total pockets and a 14-way top, meaning each club gets its own slot. At less than 6 pounds, it's lightweight for its class, making it suitable for walkers and riders.

Galway Bay is a relative newcomer to the rain gear space, but their products are well-regarded.

If Dad is excited about golf, he probably won't want to let the threat of rain keep him from being able to enjoy a round. Galway Bay makes rain gear that is focused on quality more than frills. Simple color schemes underlie highly waterproof fabric, available at mid-tier prices. Their All-Weather Jacket ($299; take 20% off by entering code 'fathersday2020') is a great piece to start with.

Callaway's MAVRIK driver was designed with the help of A.I. tech.

Few gifts make a splash like new golf clubs. Callaway's new-for-2020 MAVRIK driver ($499) has earned popular and critical acclaim, and if Dad is overdue in upgrading, the MAVRIK's artificial intelligence-aided design might just do the trick.

While golf tends to get an unfair rep for the fashion associated with the game, there is a dizzying number of companies competing to supply shirts, shorts and pants to the playing public. Started by PGA pro Bart Patterson in 2016, My Golf Locker seeks to simplify the search for good golf clothing by sending regularly scheduled, custom-curated boxes of golf apparel to subscribers based on a survey of one's preferences and dislikes. Rather than outlet-mall discount pricing on items of mediocre quality, My Golf Locker emphasizes personalized customer service and clothing that looks good and is made to last. If Dad could use a wardrobe makeover for the new decade, My Golf Locker will be a godsend.

Way over $100

Honma describes its $4,500 BERES 5-Star driver as "the ultimate statement of golf luxury."

Honma, long one of the most popular golf brands in Japan, has been trying to make inroads in the United States in the last couple years. Their offering includes some of the most expensive clubs in the world: the blingy BERES sub-brand. It includes lines of clubs with ratings from two to five stars, with materials ascending in quality. For reference, a BERES 2-Star driver retails for $600, while a 5-Star version retails for $4,500. It's up to you to decide which one Dad deserves.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the golf schedule upside-down such that you could make Dad's year by buying him tickets to the Masters, whose November spot on the schedule presents a unique opportunity. Primesport offers packages that include hospitality suite access and multi-round tickets ($6,500 and up). Getting to say you sent (or brought) Dad to an autumn Masters? Pretty priceless.

(Click here for the 2019 version of this guide.)

Tim Gavrich is a Senior Writer for GolfPass. Follow him on Twitter @TimGavrich and on Instagram @TimGavrich.
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2020 Father's Day golf gift guide: treat Dad right this year