The World's Craziest Golf Course Ideas

New golf course construction has slowed in many parts of the world, but there is apparently quite a bit of demand for wild and wacky designs.

In Port Lincoln, South Australia, for example, there are plans to build a golf course shaped like a great white shark.

Not just a hole...the entire course.

The waters off Port Lincoln, near Adelaide, are known for their abundance of great white sharks (some Jaws scenes were filmed there) and even some deadly shark attacks.

According to the developer, Dean Lukin, Jr., the shark-shaped golf course, "should help draw a lot of international visitors to Port Lincoln."

Sure, because being eaten alive is exactly what tourists want to do on vacation.

"Here's me at the hotel; here's me getting my leg chewed off..."

If a fish-shaped course isn't bizarre enough for you, try this one:

The Dutch Docklands company has been tasked to build a floating golf course -- a full service resort, actually -- amongst the Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives.

The holes will sit atop a series of floating platforms, and golfers will move around the course via underwater tunnels.

Sounds far fetched, but none other than Troon golf is reportedly consulting on the project.

What other "crazy" golf course ideas have you've heard of?

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This not an idea but an actual course located between the two main runways at Don Muang Airport outside of Bangkok, Thailand. There are no fences between the fairways and the runways so golfers could, if they chose to, walk onto the runways or hit the planes with an errant shot. The Thai government this week suggested that maybe allowing golfers access to the runways was not such a good idea and recommended that the course be shut down.

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I have a whacky idea.... to even the playing field for all those golfers that never find the fairway on their drive, the course should cut what normally is the rough the length of a typical fairway, and then cut what is normally the fairway the length of the rough. Not sure what to do with hazards...... but it's a thought.

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A while ago I heard about a guy who was pushing a new golf course concept -- I think it was a circular thing with a giant green in the middle and the fairways and tees radiating out like spokes on a wheel. Needless to say, it didn't catch on.

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The World's Craziest Golf Course Ideas