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With an average of 310 sunny days per year, it's no wonder that Mesquite, Nevada is a great golf destination. Combine the great weather with the rugged setting, however, and there are numerous outdoor activities that will keep you busy off the course, including hiking, mountain biking and nature trails. Indoor activities include some terrific 24-hour casinos, including Eureka Casino Resort and CasaBlanca Resort. They have excellent spas, entertainment and, of course, golf.

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  • Mesquite, Nevada
    The CasaBlanca Resort teams with the Virgin River Hotel & Casino three miles away – both are owned by Mesquite Gaming, LLC – to create an affordable golf-and gaming-destination 77 miles north of Las Vegas. Together, they feature 1,186 guest rooms; 76,000 square-feet of casino space with 1,600 slot machines and 36 gaming tables; 70,000 square feet…

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