Golf Advisor hits 1 million reviews!

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You did it! Since Golf Advisor launched in 2014, you've helped build the largest community of golf course reviews on the web. We just hit 1 million all-time course reviews! Check out some of these stats.

Total Reviews: 1,000,007
Unique Reviewers: 423,250
Reviews with images submitted: 11,707

Reviewers with 10+ reviews: 12,853
Our top reviewer: nickesquire with 697 reviews!
Local Golf Advisors: 82
Reviews submitted by Local Golf Advisors: 1,989

Golf Courses Reviewed

All 50 U.S. States and territories (D.C., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands) have at least one review
Countries reviewed:
Golf Courses with 200+ reviews: 1,531
Golf Courses with 500+ reviews: 350
Golf Courses with 1,000+ reviews: 39

States with the most reviews

Florida: 190,239
California: :114,643
Arizona: : 95,579

Destination with the most reviews

Phoenix-Scottsdale: 69,021

It's never too late to join the community! Get started with your first review right here.

3 Min Read
July 1, 2019
From comparing the course to its peers to describing design and value, here are some tips for writing a helpful golf course review.

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Golf Advisor hits 1 million reviews!