16 sweet swings: Mere mortals can hit 400-yard drives on these holes

You can swing for the rooftops on the 6th tee at the Journey at Pechanga.

Do you want to go long?

Hitting a 400-yard tee shot sounds superhuman, but it can done by just about anyone in the right conditions.

We've scoured public courses throughout North America for holes where you can put up some gaudy tee shot distances. All but one of these elevated tees drop at least 100 feet or more to the fairway, according to our research using Google Earth.

Swing away and watch the ball soar here:

  1. 18th hole, Glen Ivy Golf Club - Corona, Calif.
    Watching the ball drop off the dramatic 18th tee is the signature moment at Glen Ivy Golf Club in Corona, California.

    The Drop: 200 feet to landing area, 228 feet to green

    The 434-yard final hole is quite the crescendo at Glen Ivy, a semi-private club east of Los Angeles. It seems you can see all of the Inland Empire from the tee box. The club markets the tee shot as the largest drop shot in the United States.

    Where did you hit your longest all-time drive? Was it on one of these holes or somewhere else? Let us know in the comments!

  2. 18th hole, Lake Chabot Municipal Golf Course - Oakland, Calif.
    The 18th hole at Lake Chabot Municipal Golf Course drops more than 200 feet from tee to green.

    The Drop: 140 feet to landing area, 223 feet to green

    The finisher at Lake Chabot, a 673-yard par 6, is one of municipal golf's craziest holes. The hole plunges more than 250 feet to a low point about 75 yards short of the green before a 30-foot rise to the putting surface. How significant are the long-drive possibilities here? A 427-yarder was recorded here...in 1929. Imagine what you could do with modern technology.

  3. 9th hole, The Raven at Three Peaks - Silverthorne, Colo.
    The front nine at the Raven at Three Peaks ends with a bang.

    The Drop: 192 feet to landing area, 210 feet to green

    You'll want to catch your breath before teeing off on the 9th hole at the Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks in Summit County. Not only is the Rocky Mountain scenery surreal, you find yourself 8,900 feet above sea level! This par 4 of 514 yards narrows closer to the hole, although the water on the right doesn't come into play until 430 yards off the tee box.

  4. 6th hole, The Journey at Pechanga - Temecula, Calif.
    The sixth hole on the Journey at Pechanga drops 185 feet to the fairway below.

    The Drop: 185 feet to landing area, 222 feet to green

    The trail to the tee of the exhilarating par-4 6th hole is partly why this Arthur Hills course is called The Journey at Pechanga. It's quite the cart ride up the steep hillside near Temecula, a region known for its wine halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. The 488-yard hole looks spectacular from this perch. WIth a good whack, you could count to 10 before the ball lands.

    Toughest Tracks: The Journey at Pechanga's 6th hole
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  5. 13th hole, Arthur Hills Course at Boyne Highlands Resort - Harbor Springs, Mich.
    There are many elevated tees in Northern Michigan, but none more spectacular than the 13th at the Hills Course at Boyne Highlands Resort.

    The Drop: 149 feet to landing area, 174 feet to green

    Northern Michigan is chock full of elevated tee shots - it may be the destination's signature feature. None have the combination of drop, view and forgiving fairway as the 13th hole at the Arthur HIlls Course at Boyne Highlands Resort. Hit your drive on the screws and your ball could catch the speed slot and race down the fairway.

    The unlimited package provides you unlimited golfing access to five of the outstanding golf courses at Boyne with a one-night stay. Courses included in the package are The Moor and Donald Ross Memorial at Boyne Highlands, The Alpine and The Monument at Boyne Mountain, and Crooked Tree Golf Club.

  6. 8th hole, Black Jack's Crossing - Lajitas, Texas
    The par-5 8th hole at Black Jack's Crossing is the most elevated of many elevated tees at this west Texas course near Big Bend National Park.

    The Drop: 140 feet to landing area, 152 feet to green

    Everything is bigger in Texas, and if you have a tailwind and some firm turf, that can be said for your tee shots, too. No course showcases more of the state (and Mexico for that matter) than Black Jack's Crossing. Elevated tees abound throughout this rugged routing along the Rio Grande near the Big Bend National Park. While the signature tee shot comes on the back nine at the 14th, it's the 8th that features the greatest drop. With a big poke you can take it over the barren hillside on the right side and cut off a big chunk of this 649-yard par 5.

  7. 16th hole, The Ranch Golf Club - Southwick, Mass.
    “A good drive at the 16th hole at The Ranch can tumble downhill and roll out more than 400 yards from the tee.”

    The Drop: 130 feet to landing area, 160 feet to green

    Two par fives - holes 9 and 16 - at this highly-ranked New England daily fee plunge down former ski runs. The fairway of the 16th is stair-stepped such that on a day when the fairways are firm, a well-struck drive can run out more than 420 yards. Senior Writer Tim Gavrich recalls hitting driver-pitching wedge into this hole as a teenager. Come out in the late summer or fall for the best chance at a career drive.

  8. 3rd hole, Cascata - Boulder City, Nev.
    The par-5 third hole at Cascata tumbles downhill.

    The Drop: 125 feet to landing zone, 177 feet to green

    Cascata, named for the 418-foot waterfall that starts high on Red Mountain in Henderson and ends in the lavish Tuscan-inspired clubhouse, is the high-end enclave 22 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. It is one of the most expensive courses ever built, costing $70 million for Rees Jones to cut holes through the rugged rocks. At 3,200 feet above the desert floor, golfers can let it ride on this par 5 of 516 yards.

  9. 18th hole, TPC Danzante Bay - Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
    View of the 18th hole at TPC Danzante Bay

    The Drop: 110 feet to landing zone, 180 feet to green

    As spectacular as the par-3 17th is at TPC Danzante Bay outside Loreto, the view from the elevated 18th tee down toward the resort is just as special. From the 520-yard back tee, it takes a 320-yard poke to reach a speed slot that will carry your ball even farther down the fairway.

  10. 4th hole, Virtues Golf Club - Nashport, Ohio
    Longer hitters will be able to chew up Virtues Golf Club's four par 5s that all play on the shorter side.

    The Drop: 110 feet to landing area, 170 feet to green

    It's worthy of consideration as the signature tee shot in Ohio public golf. The par-5 4th hole at the Arthur Hills-designed Virtues to the east of Columbus showcases long views and a steep drop. Those who can hit a big, right-to-left drive will enjoy added rollout and the opportunity to go at this well-protected green with a more lofted club.

  11. 6th hole, Bully Pulpit - Medora, N.D.
    A view of the 16th fairway at Bully Pulpit Golf Course.

    The Drop: 109 feet to landing area, 106 feet to green

    The par-4, 451-yard 16th hole at Bully Pulpit caps off the trio of "Badland Holes" routed through a gorge. It was designed by Dr. Michael Hurdzan. The fairway pinches in at the landing zone, where pulls will end up in the scrub and slices right will ping-pong off the rock walls.

  12. 18th hole, Plantation Course at Kapalua - Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
    Jason Day tees off on the 18th hole during the second round of the Sentry Tournament of Champions at Plantation Course at Kapalua on January 4, 2019 in Lahaina, Hawaii.

    The Drop: 108 feet to landing area, 150 feet to green.

    When fairways are firm, PGA Tour pros assault this 663-yard par 5 like it's a mid-length par 4, hitting bombs that take advantage of the trade winds and runway-like downhill fairway that acts like a funnel. The Kapalua Plantation course is set to reopen later this fall after a multi-million-dollar renovation by original architects Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw.

  13. 5th hole, Chambers Bay - University Place, Wash.
    It looks from the tee like it's okay to grip it and rip it on Chambers Bay's par-4 5th, but as usual, things are more complicated than they seem.

    The Drop: 104 feet to landing area, 91 feet to green

    At the 2015 U.S. Open, the field averaged roughly 302 yards per tee shot on the par-4 5th hole at Chambers Bay near Tacoma. That distance actually didn't place it among the top five holes for driving distance for the week, but everybody knows those guys throttle back to find fairways at U.S. Opens. For the rest of us, we just swing wildly, hoping for a taste of greatness.

  14. 3rd hole, Devils Knob at Wintergreen Resort - Nellysford, Va.
    The Devil's Knob course at Wintergreen Resort offers up some fine scenery.

    The Drop: 100 feet to landing area, 150 feet to green

    Although the par-4 3rd hole on Devils Knob at Wintergreen Resort is 525 yards long, it ends up playing pretty short thanks to the overall elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. At 3,850 feet, it is the highest course in the state. Just tee it high and let it fly.

  15. 13th hole, Silvertip Golf Resort - Canmore, Alberta, Canada
    The Three Sisters mountains frame the 13th hole at Silvertip in the Canadian Rockies.

    The Drop: 100 feet tee to landing area, 125 feet to green

    Silvertip in the jaw-dropping Canadian Rockies west of Calgary actually has multiple holes (no. 13 and 18) that drop more than 125 feet in elevation from tee to green. Jacking one 400 yards makes the most sense on the spectacular 13th, a 454-yard par 4 framed by the Three Sisters mountains. The tee shot at No. 18 is much riskier, trying to cut a corner on a dogleg left. Anything too far left finds a pond.

  16. 18th hole, The Retreat, Links & Spa at Silvies Valley Ranch - Seneca, Ore.
    Go long on the downhill 18th hole of the Hankins course at The Retreat & Links at Silvies Valley Ranch.

    The Drop: 50 feet to landing area, 72 feet to green

    The par-5, 590-yard 18th hole on the Hankins course at Silvies Valley Ranch in remote eastern Oregon is the only one on our list that doesn't drop more than 100 feet to the fairway. But it's included here because three 400-yard-plus bombs have already been charted here.

    At the tee, the sign above dares golfers to hit the longest drives of their lives. Architect Dan Hixson designed the hole to drop 72 feet from tee to green with a tilted, firm fairway that sends balls bounding downward. Golfers who report their longest drive ever can collect two souvenirs in the pro shop: a horseshoe nail and a flask of whiskey!

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Like to become a member, thank you Mario Castorena/Realtor

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288 yards at 5th hole at Jackson Park in Seattle in July. Middle of the fairway. Not bad for a 58 yr old with 28 hcp who’s only been playing 8 years.

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Rusty B - #18 at Kapalua Plantation- After playing it many times, I now know to also aim down the right cart path as the fairway also slopes severely to the left. Feels good to hit a mid-iron into this long par 5.

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The 464 yard third at Tilden Park is straight downhill. Drove it 390 yards then chunked my lob wedge.

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This drive came about 35 years ago, when I was half the age I am now. Adding to the fuzziness of the memory is that I only played this course one time.
I was playing at a course in Evergreen, Colorado, with my friend Kris. Evergreen’s elevation is about 7200 feet, and the area was suffering a drought, so the fairways were very hard. If I remember this correctly, we came to a hole with a hugely elevated tee that was a dogleg left. The hole was a par 5 at about 475/yards. I decided to try to cut the dogleg and caught a drive as well as was possible for me. I wasn’t sure if the ball carried the trees. When I didn’t find the ball in the woods, I walked up to the green and found it on the fringe. I don’t know what the actual carry and roll was, but in my mind, it was a 460 yard drive. Incidentally, I three putted for a birdie.

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At Journey at Pechanga #6. I've taken the trip from the Palm Springs area quite a few times just to play the course. Fun, fun, fun. Great staff, very friendly

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350 yards # 15 Wilson CC Wilson, NC. Flat as a pancake but if you hit the cart path just perfect on the left side the ball will run forever :)

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16 sweet swings: Mere mortals can hit 400-yard drives on these holes