How to enlist the help of 14 of America's best golf instructors in one place

New list from Golf Digest features more than a dozen teachers who have featured on GolfPass.
Chris Como (right) has just captured the #2 spot in Golf Digest's "50 Best Teachers in America" list.

This week, Golf Digest unveiled its latest list, "50 Best Teachers in America," a biennial ranking that features both long-established and up-and-coming stars in golf instruction.

For more than 20 years, the top spot has belonged to Butch Harmon, who can count Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott and several other major champions among his pupils over his storied career. Harmon is to teaching what Pine Valley Golf Club is to courses: rock-solid and unmovable from that top spot.

Who leads the rest of the pack? None other than Chris Como, who has risen from #9 to #2 in the last two years. It's easy to understand why - Como has himself worked with Tiger Woods, and his current star student is 2020 U.S. Open champion and current world #8 golfer Bryson DeChambeau.

We at GolfPass are proud and fortunate to call Como part of the family. He has filmed hours' worth of instruction for our members, from quick-and-direct Daily Video Tips to multi-part series like Build a Better Game: Maximum Distance and Como Concepts.

Watch these 3 great Chris Como instruction videos on GolfPass

Como's inquisitive nature is part of what makes him such an effective teacher. His Swing Expedition series, whose fourth season is now in production, takes him across the golf world to visit with and learn from the most innovative minds in and around the game.

Take a look at these three videos for a sample of his extensive work with GolfPass:

Bryson DeChambeau: Power from the Ground Up (from Build a Better Game: Maximum Distance)

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Bryson DeChambeau: Power from the Ground Up

It's easy to see DeChambeau's prodigious power as unattainable, but the principles he uses to hit it 350 yards are applicable to those of us looking for that elusive extra 10 to 15.

Swing Expedition: Matthew Wolff and George Gankas

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Matthew Wolff and George Gankas

Wolff is one of golf's most exciting young talents, as is his teacher, who rules the Instagram golf instruction roost and is working with several other exciting players.

Tiger Woods' Stinger Shot (#41 of our Top 100 Instruction Tips)

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Tip 41 - Chris Como - Tiger Stinger Shot

It's an iconic shot, which you have probably tried in vain to replicate (I know I have). Here's what you're doing wrong.

13 other great instructors you'll find on GolfPass

Chris Como is far from the only top golf instructor with whom we have had the pleasure to work. Here are more than a dozen others:

#5 - Sean Foley
Foley's contributions to GolfPass include Ageless Golf, where he walks you through the journey of playing your best golf, even as you age.

#6 - Jim McLean
GolfPass subscribers have access to dozens of tips courtesy of McLean, who has worked with more than 100 PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions players over the years. Check out this great tip on 'must-make' short putts.

#8 - David Leadbetter
Leadbetter scarcely needs any introduction among golfers. Check out this tip from 2016 on the importance of synchronizing your swing.

#10 - Cameron McCormick
In addition to working with Jordan Spieth, McCormick has filmed several tips and series with us. Accomplished players will find his Breaking Par series helpful.

#14 - Martin Hall
In addition to hosting School of Golf on Golf Channel alongside Blair O'Neal for several years, Hall produces dozens of tips for GolfPass each year, including bonus segments from his TV show and full-length series such as the definitive Build a Better Game: Putting, on which he collaborated with Lisa, his wife and a two-time Solheim Cup player.

#16 - Michael Breed
Breed has long been known to golf lovers, having hosted more than 400 episodes of the Golf Channel series The Golf Fix. Check out this tip from our archive about releasing the club properly.

#17 & #28 - Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott
Golfers constantly underestimate the potential score-lowering ability that an adjusted attitude and mental approach can unlock. In Be A Player, they demystify exactly that.

#26 - Martin Chuck
Few golf teachers have a more engaging way of communicating than Martin Chuck, who has been helping golfers improve since he was 16 years old (no, that's not a typo). GolfPass subscribers have access to hundreds of his tips; I'm partial to his pitch shot advice, which revolves around a clever phrase: Pace It And Face It.

#32 - Andrew Rice
Based in Savannah, Ga., Rice is one of the east coast's most popular instructors. His approach to iron play really resonates; check out this tip on tour-quality ball-striking.

#33 - Bill Harmon
Harmon is the newest member of the GolfPass family on this list. His brand-new series, Golf's Top Instructors: Bill Harmon (hosted by Chris Como) is a deep-dive into not only his teaching philosophy, but an endearing portrait of a member of one of the game's greatest families.

Chris Como hosts the first installment of this brand-new series. Get to know the inspiring life story and benefit from the decades of wisdom gathered by Bill Harmon, part of the First Family of golf instruction.

#46 - Erika Larkin
Teaching out of the Golf Club at Creighton Farms outside Washington, D.C. Larkin is one of the country's most promising young instructors. Take a look at this tip, where she shows you how you can leverage your backswing to drive the ball farther.

#48 - Dave Pelz
Known for decades as one of the leading authorities on the short game, Pelz is one-of-a-kind. Check out this tip on combating uneven lies on wedge shots.

GolfPass members have unfettered access to these and hundreds more instruction tips from the best golf teachers in the world. If you're not already a member, click here to use our video platform on a trial basis.

Tim Gavrich is a Senior Writer for GolfPass. Follow him on Twitter @TimGavrich and on Instagram @TimGavrich.
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How to enlist the help of 14 of America's best golf instructors in one place