How the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer can help you play golf better, and for longer

This new training aid offers a full membership program with videos and more to help you groove your game.
2022 Masters champion Scottie Scheffler has recently been announced as a Brand Ambassador for GOLFFOREVER.

Golf fitness and wellness is an ever-changing space that continues to get more specialized towards the golf swing to help you swing faster and safely. I recently tried one of the newer programs for golf fitness, the GOLFFOREVER Training System. GOLFFOREVER, which works with Justin Leonard and has a partnership with former world No. 1 Scottie Scheffler, is a swing trainer tool and fitness instruction membership designed to help you play better for longer. The company recently partnered with Invited (formerly know as ClubCorp), which is an owner-operator of more than 200 private clubs in North America.

Scheffler is convinced it can help anybody. "Part of my success is no doubt due to the hard work I’ve put in with GOLFFOREVER," he said in a statement. "It’s a tool and approach that is critical to my preparation for the PGA Tour."

Getting started

The program is centered around the use of the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer, which cost $199 and comes with a 30-day free trial to the video instruction. Video membership after the 30 days comes in at either $24.99 monthly or $199.99 annually. The videos are informative, but the membership is certainly not cheap, given you've already paid $200 for the Swing Trainer.

I was excited to use the Swing Trainer because I am always looking to swing a little faster and desperately could use some improvement to my flexibility and balance, which are the three aspects the tool/program are designed to help with the most. Speed is my biggest strength as a golfer, but similar to most golfers, I like to improve my strengths instead of focusing on my weaknesses (I should really practice more 100-yard wedge shots!)  

GOLFFOREVER has a great app that is super intuitive when signing up for the first time. When getting started, it asks you questions about what equipment you have access to, what physical component you want to work on most (strength, flexibility, speed, etc.) and how often you plan on working out. It then uses those answers and a few brief physical assessments (for mobility and strength) to design a workout plan for you.

I have done a handful of workouts so far. Every day, it has assigned me two different workouts to complete, totaling around 30 to 40 minutes. In addition to these assigned workouts, there is also a complete library of hundreds of workouts and exercises that cover everything from pre-round warmups to cardio workouts and injury-prevention exercises.

The Swing Trainer
The GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer is the physical piece of equipment that is the focus of most of the workouts. The 44.5-inch bar, the training cord and all of the other attachments were my favorite part of the experience. I loved using the Swing Trainer and believe it will improve clubhead speed some over time. The combination of push and pull exercises with off-center tension really forces you to concentrate on your core and maintain balance. It’s a great combination of small movements, where the hard part is keeping the body still, and explosive golf moves. You do every workout from both sides, which is something people often don't know is critical to creating more speed in the swing.

GolfForever comes with two resistance training cords: a light cord option in addition to the medium weight cord.

I do the workouts in my single car garage, which almost wasn’t enough room. One of the two training cords is fairly long, so you need a good amount of space to create the right amount of tension to complete all of the exercises (probably 200 square feet to feel comfortable).

The weighted attachments are nice and good to use when training, but I personally do not see myself grabbing the swing trainer from the gym to take to the course for warm up purposes like they suggest.

Drake Dunaway grew up in Dayton, Ohio, where he started playing golf at a young age before playing collegiately at DePauw University. Recently he’s lived in Phoenix and now in Orlando, where he still tries to play once or twice a week. He’s worked in golf since 2016 and joined the GolfPass team in 2019. Follow him on Twitter @drake_dunaway
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Been using GolfForEver for two years and it has strengthened my body so my back doesn't hurt anymore and I am more powerful then ever....Total body workouts that work....

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How the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer can help you play golf better, and for longer