Showing up and showing support is a Cool Golf Thing

A PGA Tour star's attendance at the biggest team event in women's golf reminds us of the possibilities of future partnership.
Team United States pose for a team photo with Bubba Watson during a practice round ahead of the start of The Solheim Cup at Inverness Club on September 01, 2021 in Toledo, Ohio.

Bubba Watson is one of the most interesting figures in golf in recent years. He stands out not just as a lefty, but someone who plays the game in a mix of modern and throwback styles, hitting it far but also shaping every shot in order to attack pins. His escape from the trees en route to winning the 2010 Masters is one of the greatest shots hit this century.

Watson clearly loves the game. He's a fixture at Drive, Chip and Putt finals at Augusta National. This week, he's hanging out at the Solheim Cup, having made himself available to captain Pat Hurst and her dozen American players. They will no doubt handle themselves well regardless, but it doesn't hurt to have access to a resource like Watson who knows a thing or two about team golf, having played in four Ryder Cups and two Presidents Cups himself. Watson also took part in a pre-Solheim Cup celebrity match yesterday.

Girls 10-11 overall winner Sophia Li poses with Bubba Watson at the 2019 Drive, Chip and Putt Championship at Augusta National Golf Club.

It's odd that Watson is the only PGA Tour player making a noted appearance surrounding the Solheim Cup. At least 30 of his colleagues have a good excuse this week: the Tour Championship. But why is Watson the sole ambassador for men's golf and its considerable aura at Inverness?

At a time when the European Tour and Australian Tour have popular competitive spaces for female and male golfers to share, the American tours have done nothing of the sort since the last offseason Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge back in 2013. Why? Watson's public support for women's golf should not feel like such an outlier in 2021. The women's game has gained impressively in popularity lately; it's time for the PGA Tour to do what it can to compound that momentum.

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August 27, 2021
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Showing up and showing support is a Cool Golf Thing